Brian Berggoetz Presents New Single “It’s Gonna Rain”

The Brian Berggoetz Band plays with pure fire on the revelry of “It’s Gonna Rain.” Everything about it syncs into place effortlessly. Guitar work goes for a classic rock fervor, as they let the piece embrace a driving rhythm. Everything about it suggests vast, wide-open spaces in the best way possible. Volume is given, for they grab the listener entirely with their ferocious attack. The song steamrolls everything in its path with a nice element of the blues underpinning the sound. By going for this full-throttle delivery, they present a wild, feral energy.

Right from the first moment, the mood is set. The atmosphere goes for the kill immediately. His vocals have a sheer unhinged quality. Verses are perfectly accentuated by his ability to add a growling, menacing quality that cuts to the bone. Layer upon layer enters the fray, and they go for a timelessness about their work. Skilled, the group listens, playing off each other’s strengths. Kaleidoscopic, the array of different textures adds to the inherent grandeur. Best heard blasted; the sound ought to be felt and listened to as they embrace a sense of the purely physical. Drums hit with a wretched, ragged sensibility allowing for the work to veer uncontrollably back and forth. They enjoy the idea of surprise, and the twists and turns feel inspired.

“It’s Gonna Rain” has a muscular structure behind it, for the Brian Berggoetz Band proves to be exceptionally talented in capturing the raw energy of the stage.