Harmony Dreamers Release New Kids Song and Video “The Most Unheard of Thing”

The song was written by group leader, Byron Lee Scott, and was inspired by an upcoming documentary.

International award-nominated group, Harmony Dreamers, will release their latest single and video for kids song, titled “The Most Unheard of Thing.” Written for an upcoming documentary, the song is reminiscent of The Beatles’ classic “Yellow Submarine” and is sure to captivate children with its catchy tune and fun lyrics. “The Most Unheard of Thing” hits retail on June 9th, 2023.

The song’s chorus sings, “The most unheard-of thing, the most unheard-of thing, the most unheard-of thing… I ever heard of”. With its playful and imaginative lyrics, “The Most Unheard of Thing” is a perfect addition to any kids’ music playlist. The song’s upbeat tempo and lighthearted lyrics are sure to bring a smile to children’s faces and get them singing and dancing along.

The accompanying music video for “The Most Unheard of Thing” is a visual feast for children, featuring colorful animals and playful characters that weave in and out of the song’s storyline.

Watch “The Most Unheard of Thing” at https://youtu.be/_UaR-20vZ7o

Harmony Dreamers’ new kids song and video “The Most Unheard of Thing” is a must-listen for parents and educators looking for fun and engaging music for children. With its catchy tune and imaginative lyrics, the song is sure to become a favorite among kids and adults alike.

This is not Harmony Dreamers’ first foray into the children’s market.  Their songs “Summertime Memory” and “Sophie and Pearl” have both been well-received by kids everywhere.

ABOUT HARMONY DREAMERS: With the ‘I Come From Earth’ album featuring artists from every continent, it also includes vocal contributions from more than 20 international backup singers. Overall, the album brings together artists to create not just impressive music, but also to send out a profound and important message of unity and love. Despite having released just one album, Harmony Dreamers is already drawing comparisons to some of the most renowned and iconic bands such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Crosby, Stills & Nash and more.

For more information on Harmony Dreamers and their music, please visit their website at www.harmonydreamers.com.