@skopemag Review – ‘One Love Changes Everything” by Sylvie’s Songs Feat. Bryon Harris

A song devoted to gratefulness frames Slyvie’s Songs tender “One Love Changes Everything (Feat. Bryon Harris).” Gentle guitar work adds to the sense of community. The care and compassion brought into the fray feel outright liberating. Layers filter into the mix and let the sound blossom. By opting for this unique framework, they delve into elements of rock, country, dream pop, and a slew of other styles. Best of all, the vocals effortlessly tie the entire thing together, sung with pure soul. Everything here is vivid, and the amount of grace with which they approach the work has such joy.

From the beginning, the track wastes no time setting the mood. The melody perfectly accentuates the sheer strength of the words. Because compassion is a kind of power that shows exactly the level of care extended to others, allowing this to be fully unfurled adds to the warm, blanketing effect the piece opts for. They ensure that the entire track has that same level of devotion. The buildup of the song gives it a symphonic flourish, a startling, beautiful revelation that adds to the integrity of the message. With each additional reiteration, the theme becomes ever more crystal clear. Towards the work’s finale, everything gets neatly summarized into this majestic ode, a sense of purpose perfectly illustrated.

“One Love Changes Everything (Feat. Bryon Harris)” shows off the remarkable delicacy of Sylvie’s Songs in creating this warm, inviting universe.