Q&A with Austrian band Good Wilson

– Who is behind the band Good Wilson?
Good Wilson is Günther Paulitsch (me speaking) who is also the songwriter, Alex Connaughton, Julian Pieber, Mario Fartacek, and Yannic Steurer.

– Can you tell us more about your new single ‘Plenty’ and what inspired its creation?
The latest single called ‘Plenty’ is a song about being tired of plenty of excuses made by those who have plenty of possibilities and plenty of power to make the much-needed changes in our world. I have to say my main inspiration for this song was frustration. Frustration with barely being able to earn enough money while at the same time looking at the state of our politics, climate change, and the widening imbalances in society – you get the picture. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer…

– How would you describe your signature sound?
I would say it’s finding perfection in imperfection, which makes music interesting and fun (for me at least). I can get bored really quickly so I try to surprise myself with my own performances and in my songwriting. It’s so refreshing if you listen to something which sounds familiar but then it takes an unexpected little turn. But there are so many influences – it’s hard to say because my (Günthers) musical taste is so wide and sometimes totally random!. But for example right now I find indie artists like Pheobe Bridgers pretty great. On the other hand I listen a lot to Ryūichi Sakamoto at the moment. It broke my heart when I heard the news that he died. Such true and inspiring music. So maybe Good Wilson’s influence is a combo of Pheobe Bridgers and Ryūichi Sakamoto.

– You are currently working on your second album, set to be released in Autumn 2023. Can you give us any insights into what we can expect from the album? Will ‘Plenty’ set the tone for the overall sound and themes of the album?
So far the album has a pretty extensive variety of sounds (as I said I can get bored easily!) but there is also a clear central theme within all the tracks. It’s been some time since the first album was released and throughout the wild ride of world events in the last few years, I’ve made a few observations and had a lot of feelings that have actually urged me to write music. In the song ‘Plenty’, there is a lot of observational material – packed in both the lyrics and the composition. Observations about myself being cast out of our crazy economic system which is apparently too delicate to risk *spoiling* us with new ideas but at the same time is also powerful enough to be lauded as our savior if we just keep believing. As we are almost finishing the album now, maybe ‘Plenty’ is truly the rising sun carrying the album’s essence. Big issues through the little lens of our own small first-person perspective.

– The music video preview for ‘Plenty’ is already generating excitement. What’s the story behind the video?
The music video for ‘Plenty’ was directed and made by the great Gabriel Hyden. There’s no big story, to be honest, and the concept was more about creating a nostalgic flair of a certain era of music. But this fits perfectly with the twisted lyrics and the vibe of the song. The theme of the song fits perfectly to the 90s, there were the same problems back then but it seems like nothing new has been done to fix them. I hope that the listener or viewer still has a bit of headroom for interpretation. If the video creates excitement – great! Come on board and let’s be angry about unfairness in the world together!

– You’ve just performed at The Great Escape in Brighton. How was it?
It was just great and beyond all expectations. It was our first time in UK and we experienced so much love and appreciation, it really felt right to be there. Showcase festivals are usually stressful and a lot of work for musicians… I mean yes we worked hard but we were also able to have a lot of fun on and off stage. We saw and performed together with so many cool artists and bands. Big recommendation, I would love to visit the festival again!

Watch the music video: