The Top Diamond Jewelry Trends Of The Year

Jewelry is an eternal means of self-expression since it sets the wearer on trend and creates an aura around. But what if you end up rejecting the current norms of jewelry unknowingly? Well, that’s where you realize the importance of knowing the current trends in diamond jewelry. When you buy diamonds, you have to ensure that there is scope for play and personality.

This year, we will look at the timelessness of diamonds, but through the lens of boldness and individuality. If you are searching for top platinum engagement rings, earrings, or neckpieces, here are some of the convincing designs to opt for. 

Assortment of earrings 

When it comes to the brides, chandelier diamond earrings can work wonders. They are bold and classy and can also be combined with metals like gold and platinum. If you find diamonds in hoop earrings, studs, or drop and danglers, you can go by any of them as these designs will never go out of fashion. The polishing grades of diamonds from Rare Carat are next to none which means you can easily pass this green diamond jewelry to subsequent generations. 

Hefty cuffs 

The quintessential 2000s style, large and brawny cuffs are back in fashion – and this time it has got the twist of diamonds. This chunky jewelry will fit into your accessory game in a way as if your arms are made for it. Some classic trends never go out of fashion but emerging styles often outshine them and win the spotlight for some time. It’s time again for the traditional cuffs made with lab-grown diamonds to shine.

Star-studded neckpieces 

The recent trends of diamond necklaces show a vertical and horizontal arrangement of the stone in various patterns like heart, leaf, square, or similar. It’s believed that diamond necklaces help make romantic relationships transparent and build trust. And why not? Your significant other believes in you with full faith. Gifting a timeless diamond necklace isn’t any favour but it is representative of the love and respect you both share. You can choose from a varied range of cuts and colors with faceting patterns. All of them would symbolize the dazzling love and effortless beauty of yours.

Bangles bejewelled with diamonds

No matter whether you buy diamonds for yourself or looking to gift someone, bangles are still in trend for 2023. In several cultures around the world, bangles are believed to enhance the beauty of women. And when exclusive gold or platinum bangles are studded with lab-grown diamonds, it looks ethereal and delicate. Additionally, the best thing about diamond bangles is that you can save them for an exclusive date or use it as daily wear.

Engagement rings for taking the vow

Engagement rings will never go out of style no matter whether it’s 2023 or a hundred years later. That’s because it’s a staple piece of jewelry. But surely we need to talk about the emerging trends in this regard.

The Aurora Borealis – a rare natural phenomenon of an iridescent display of colors caused by the collision of charged particles in the atmosphere has found its place in diamond jewelry designs. If you want to buy diamonds that reflect similar energy and enthusiasm in your engagement ring, make sure you get it from a reputed diamond merchant like Rare Carat.

Next in the line is the dainty floral design and pattern which are imitated in rings. You will come across the top platinum three stone engagement rings containing floral motifs that represent beauty, joy, and of course, everlasting love. It’s no surprise that many women are swearing for this design of wedding bands.

Another significant trend that deserves mention as you find diamonds in 2023 is that rose gold is surpassing conventional white and yellow gold in its elegance and charm. This is partly because rose gold is a brilliant coalesce of gold and copper which adds to its strength and resilience. And when this bewitching hue holds an astounding piece of Rare Carat diamond, you will know your engagement ring holds priceless magic.

Final words

While many people think that the process of selecting trendy diamond jewelry is overwhelming, you won’t have to worry much when you have reputed suppliers like Rare Carat by your side. Gone are the days when you had to ransack through the stores, all you need to do now is to browse through the limitless options and go for the piece that fits your personality seamlessly.