Jasper “The Jazzmaster” Myers New Album ‘CHUUCH’

Jasper “The Jazzmaster” Myers goes for a powerful piece of soul with the gospel-tinged experience of “CHUUCH.” Vocals serve as the focal point from which all else flows. The lo-fi aesthetic and near-broken beats add to the sense of triumph the tracks explore. Genre-wise, it is cleverly couched in jazz, with dance, pop, gospel, and more elements into the singular style. Best taken in as a singular whole, the songs play into each other, resulting in a kaleidoscopic array. Plenty of the work has this heartfelt tenderness as he delivers the message straight from the heart.

“God Moves (feat. Andrew Gadsden Jr. & Gloria Gadsden)” sets the tone with this sense of pure community. Things go for the surreal with nods to classic hip-hop on “Im Walking (feat. Gloria Gadsden).” Vocalizations have a grandeur on “Every Night I Pray (feat. Andrew Gadsden Jr., Gloria Gadsden, & Mark Menzies).” With the soothing “His Love Is Divine (feat. Chae Harris, D – Train, & Clarissa The Sassy British Soul Singer),” the song’s languid pacing is meditative. Deep grooves punctuate “He’ll Never Forsake Me (feat. D – Train),” giving the song a giddiness. The highlight is the funk workout of “Who’s Got Joy (feat. Andrew Gadsden Jr., Gloria Gadsden & Clarissa, The Sassy British Soul Singer).” Stripping things down to the essentials comes the powerful closer “There’s Nobody There But Me (feat. CK Nick & D – Train & Natosha Johnson & Thisisclarissauk).”

“CHUUCH” has Jasper “The Jazzmaster” Myers offers a deep and careful insight into the concept of faith.