New Video Sp8ce Owl “The Underside Of Yesterday”

One of the most treasured characteristics of music is its capacity to teleport listeners to distant places and worlds beyond our experiences and imaginations. Artists can spend years working toward this level of depth and virtuosity to create such eminently connective pieces of musical literature, yet it’s a power not all can acquire with such a sizable impact. Sp8ce Owl has felt disconnected from the world at large for much of his life, but the constant throughout has been his enduring passion and interest in music. For many people, music serves as an escape from reality and whatever may weigh on their minds and souls. It has the power to escort you to another dimension, across space through time, in a positive, heartening, and reassuring way. While it took some time for him to discover this propensity and his inherent skill for writing, recording, and creating, 2017 marked the beginning of Sp8ce Owl embracing his musical fate and beginning to build a fanbase and professional musical career.

Following the album A Room With No Walls in 2021 and the EP Echoes From The Ether in 2022, Sp8ce Owl has returned with the album, The Other Side of The Atlantic. “The Underside of Yesterday” is a track from that release, an atmospheric track designed to intrigue the listener and keep them on the edge of their seat: where, exactly, is this transformation taking us?

It’s paired with a video that Sp8ce Owl (Joseph Meyers) directed alongside Michael Perlmutter. With shots at street level and from the sky above, “The Underside of Yesterday” transports us straight to Paris, visiting iconic locales around the city. As we explore modern-day life in the city, intercut is footage of a man falling slowly, helplessly against a white background. Interspersed throughout are close-up portraits and wide shots of traffic in Paris from long and longer ago. Finally, as the video begins to come to a close, a modern woman is seen prancing along a ledge, the Eiffel Tower in the background, and soon, the sun begins to set over the city.

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