Sean Walshe In the Name of ‘American Son’

This is one album that stands out to me because it offers hope, faith and truth wrapped up in one, nicely-tuned package. ‘American Son’ by Sean Walshe is a riveting release and one that is desperately needed for the current times. ‘American Son’ will move people with relevant material and pristine musicianship. Sean Walshe hopes to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide with his latest album titled ‘American Son’.

All music & lyrics are by Sean Walshe on ‘American Son’ and worth noting that two tracks also featured Nicholas Tremulis on lyrics. Sean Walshe handles lead vocals, guitar and harmonica on the new record and he also had highly-esteemed musicians backing him on this project. They are: Nicholas Tremulis on guitars, vocals, B-3, piano, harmonium and also served as arranger, Kenny Aronoff on drums & percussion, Blondie Chaplin on guitar & vocals, Ivan Neville on piano & B-3, Paul Von Mertens on Sax and also served as arranger, Derek Brand on bass, Woody Gross on keys, James Perkins on saxophone and Gracie Lubisky on vocals. ‘American Son’ was produced by Rob Fraboni who has worked with the likes of: Bob Dylan, The Band, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Tim Hardin, The Beach Boys, Joe Cocker and Bonnie Raitt, among many others. Nicholas Tremulis was co-producer and Sean Walshe was executive producer on ‘American Son’. ‘American Son’ was recorded at Rax-Trax Studio in Chicago and Bill’s Studio in Los Angeles and mixed at Carriage House Studios in Stamford Connecticut. The album was recorded by Rick Barnes and William Sullivan and engineered by McLee Mathias. The final result is just professional excellence and music for the ages.

Sean Walshe had some constructive words speaking about the thought process behind the making of ‘American Son’. I wanted to write an album that had the effect on people that albums used to have on me and I wanted it to be a complete package, flush with infectious melodies and searing instrumental solos. I aimed to share lyrics that would touch the listener emotionally and allow them to identify with the song, and hopefully even sing along.” Sean went on to say that, “I wanted story songs with a specific narrative, songs that spoke of the things we’ve experienced at this particular place in our history. There are songs about love and songs about loss. I also decided to end the album with a prayer. I believe our nation needs one.” It comes down to real issues, human emotions and catchy melodies that makes ‘American Son’ such an enjoyable listen. Kenny Aronoff had this to say about ‘American Son’, “Good God…wow…This is the best thing I have heard and felt in a long time. The spirit and

feel of this record is f…ing great…AUTHENTIC and real… Amazing!” Producer, Rob Fraboni also had some strong words and a favorable response toward the new record. “‘American Son’ is a vital record that speaks with real feeling and emotion. Given its meaningful lyrical content, it gets better the more one listens. There are few records released today that are this kind of gift.   From the songs, to the musicians’ passionate performances, this is as good as it gets.”

With such an overwhelming response and positive feedback, I think it’s time to fully dive into ‘American Son’. The album starts up with a strong message & solid lyrics right off the bat on the title track, “American Son”. The listener will receive a stellar performance overall and will also realize that under the Red, White and Blue, we are ALL “Still American Son”. The perfect breeze is blowing past your ears on the next song, “Winds of Change”, where Sean says, “Everybody needs to be forgiven.” Track three, “Fortune Favors the Brave”, has such a cool sound and will get you pumped up all the way!

“Fortune Favors the Brave” is just full of life as Sean Walshe & company deliver a lively performance. “Epiphany #4” comes complete with plenty of heart, soul and real truth not to mention a fun-sounding atmosphere. Up next is “The Vibe Song”, which has a wonderful melody & rhythm plus it’s safe to say I was really vibin’ to this one. Track six, “Highway 99”, is moving along at just the right speed and heading in the right direction. Prepare for a good time & a joy ride as you head up “Highway 99”. The next song is called “B Who U R” and the title sums up the theme, which is to simply be the best version of yourself. The line “creativity sets you free” will be ringing in your ears on “B Who U R” as you figure out what’s important in life. The following number plays out “Like No Other” as the listener will be captivated by the inviting melody and pleasant sound. Emotional chords & notes are hitting you hard on “Since You’re Gone” where Sean Walshe is singing straight from the heart. Track 10, “Small Price to Pay”, is a pleasant surprise because you hear a reggae beat/rhythm that gets you very excited. “Small Price to Pay” is appealing beyond belief and a real treat as you soak up a little of the island vibe. Moving on, Sean gives you a song that is filled with hope & clarity on “Emmet’s Song”. This upbeat number has a terrific line that really stuck out to me, “Walk in truth with your purpose in your sleeve.” Track 12, “If I Could”, offers potent lyrics that stand tall and speak volumes such as, “I renounce your spirit of division.”. What a powerful finish with “The Lord’s Prayer” where Sean Walshe proves he is musically blessed and filled with much spirit. Sean delivers a powerful performance as he sings out “The Lord’s Prayer” in beautiful fashion. By the end, all there is left to say is…AMEN!

I was so impressed with this album as Sean Walshe and his backing musicians knocked it out of the park! ‘American Son’ is an instant hit and for ALL the right reasons! This record is not only a memorable experience and professional recording, but also significant for today. I feel ‘American Son’ will have a huge impact on audiences worldwide and what better news & music to spread! You can also check out the official music video for “B Who U R” right here:

Remember to keep hope alive and never give up because ‘American Son’ is alive and well!

By Jimmy Rae