Multi-Dimensional Artists Stereo Glow Unleash A Grittier, More Rocking Side Of Themselves As They Unveil Their Sophomore Single

On the heels of the success of their debut song “Captivation,” critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter duo Stereo Glow are coming out swinging with their sophomore effort. The artists have released a much more rocking, multi-dimensional song entitled “Dig It Up,” which is available on all DSPs.

According to Lead Vocalist and Multi-Instrumentalist Jessica Jellen, their follow up track “is about the indestructible nature of truly believing in something.” Swapping out the sweet sensibilities of their debut for a more gritty and obscure sound, Stereo Glow creates a dark, albeit satisfyingly sonic landscape, laden with Jellen’s sultry vocals and piano playing and Mark Burke’s impetus guitar and bass riffs.

“We wanted to show a different side to Stereo Glow with this song,” said Burke. “A darker, more mysterious side that is still melodically-driven but delves a bit deeper into our explorative nature as songwriters and performers.”

“Dig It Up” is the second song from Stereo Glow’s forthcoming 10-track debut album, which is slated for a May 5 release.

“Dig It Up Video”

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