Merging Tech, Luxury Real Estate and Fashion, at Le Meridien Arcadia Pasadena hosted by Meraki PR founded by Abigail Spencer Hu, Adriana Perez and Brad Pamnani

Merging Tech, Luxury Real Estate and Fashion

Le Meridien Arcadia Pasadena hotel has partnered with Meraki PR to bring together an eclectic group of professionals who cover industries from the entertainment industry, tech, fashion and more.

The co-founders are Abigail Spencer Hu, Adriana Perez and Brad Pamnani. Abigail Spencer Hu has brought her Chinese roots proudly into every field that she has dominated from social media influencer campaigns, hotel partnerships, real estate investments, music, and AI modeling. Adriana Perez brings in her expertise in experiential marketing, sales and web 3 strategy. Brad Pamnani completes the trio as the head of a private equity fund, serial investor and global connector. As a public relations company focused on luxury and tech it was an immediate fit to partner with a stunning hotel like Le Meridien Arcadia Pasadena. The team’s social media presence showcases the exquisite taste in fashion, food, and travel, making them the ideal partnership with Le Meridien Pasadena Arcadia Hotel.

Being an influencer and model, Abigail Spencer Hu is the perfect fit to be the face of Meraki PR bringing the brand a sense of elevation, style and poise. Photographed at Le Meridien Arcadia Pasadena styled by Iliaria De Plano, you can see that as well.

All Photo and Event Sponosor Credits to:
Model: Abigail Spenser Hu @abigailspenserhu
Stylist: Iliaria De Plano @ilaria_de_plano
Assistant Stylist: Casey Puhr @layzer_wolf
Photographer: Filip Shobot @filipshobot
Hair: Vladimir Simic @vladimirsimic1
Makeup: Saisha Beecham @saishabeecham
Location: Le Meridien Arcadia Pasadena @lemeridienarcadia
Shoot Experience: RSVP Visuals @rsvpvisuals
Influencer Bags: HEDO Skincare @hedoskin , Good Juu Juu @goodjuujuuboxx
Event Media Coverage: Chris Cyre and Ryan Lietzke @anavamedia
Bar: RNDC @rndcusa