The Electric Sons: An Indie-Alt Duo Making Waves in the Music Industry

The Electric Sons are a rising indie-alt writing duo hailing from Atlanta. Their unique sound blends electronic elements with alternative rock, creating a fresh and modern sound that has caught the attention of music fans and critics alike. Their music has been described as infectious and energetic with catchy melodies and powerful lyrics that speak to the human experience.

The Electric Sons have built a loyal following thanks to their dynamic live performances, which have taken them to major festivals such as Hangout Fest, Voodoo Fest, and Summer Fest. They have also toured extensively across North America with bands such as St. Lucia, Capital Cities, and many more.

Their latest track, “Black Lotus” showcases their unique sound and ability to reinvent themselves seamlessly.

As The Electric Sons continue to make waves in the music industry, fans eagerly anticipate their upcoming tour dates and new releases. The duo’s passion for music and talent has taken them to the forefront of the indie-alt scene.

Listen below: