A Beginner’s Guide to Diamond Shapes: Which One Is Right for You

Buying your first diamond is a memorable moment, especially if your first purchase is a diamond engagement ring for you or your loved one! First-timers often end up investing in the wrong decision as the diamond-buying process is not an easy one. A lot of money is at stake, hence, you should get familiar with the 4 Cs diamond buying guide to ensure your special moment does not get tainted in any way. The 4 Cs are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Both natural and lab grown diamonds are classified as per the 4 Cs specs, and you can choose the ideal rankings to ensure you are getting the best diamond or the best deal. Choosing a diamond as per the 4 Cs specs will become a simple process once you understand the concept. Get to know more about the 4 Cs here – https://www.rarecarat.com/education/diamonds-guide/lab-grown-diamonds.

Experienced buyers and GIA-certified gemologists are quick to point out that first-timers face most issues when choosing the shape of the diamond, and not when choosing it as per the 4 Cs specs. So, let’s dive into this topic next!

Understanding diamond shapes

There are many different diamond shapes, and they are the geometric characteristics of a diamond. Each diamond shape is known for its standout features. You should always consider the best when buying diamonds as only popular sites like Rare Carat can provide you with all the different popular diamond shapes available. The popular diamonds shapes that you can invest in are the following:

  • Round (The ideal choice) – The most popular/classic/traditional choice
  • Oval (Round but a little stretched) – Makes the finger appear longer and more beautiful
  • Emerald (Less traditional sparkle) – For that perfect 70s look
  • Cushion (Appears round from far) – Celebrities’ favorite, an elegant choice
  • Princess (Angular shape) – 2nd popular choice, appears larger and costs less than Rounds
  • Pear (Narrows to a distinct point with rounded sides) – Timeless and sophisticated choice
  • Marquise (Appears like an elongated eye, narrow shape) – Delightful and flattering choice with an interesting backstory
  • Heart (Represents the symbol of love) – Unique and feminine choice
  • Asscher (More sparkles than the Emerald shape) – Best alternative to the Emerald shape, dazzling and trending choice

To know more about these mentioned diamond shapes, check out – https://www.rarecarat.com/diamonds.

The best diamond shape for you

By the information provided above, you know that a round shape is an ideal choice. You cannot go wrong with a Round Brilliant Cut. Such a loose diamond from Rare Carat will have total internal reflection and close to 57 prefect aligned facets for a brilliant shine and optimum scintillation and sparkle.

First-time buyers should avoid the Cushion shape as there are too many cut options and that can be confusing. If you are on a budget, avoid Heart shapes as the best ones come in a higher carat due to their shape and can get expensive. But when buying a diamond, you have to consider the preference, style, and desire of the wearer. 

With a little bit of research and expert help, you can go for any shape and still get the best product at the best deal. To get 1# unbiased advice (AI and GIA-certified gemologists based) on choosing a difficult diamond shape, visit the reputable Rare Carat. 

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Loose Diamond deals from www.RareCarat.com

Once you visit Rare Carat, you will see that this popular site has an excellent AI Price and Quality check that allows you to find the best possible deal on the diamond and its shape of your choice. The easy-to-use filtering fields will help you to search as per the 4 Cs, price, and of course, shape. The fields provide important information as well to guide first-time buyers to select an ideal choice for the best results.

Pro Tip: Select “Rare Carat Ideal” on the Cut field for the best result!

To conclude

The Round diamond shape is an ideal choice for first-time diamond buyers as selecting the diamond as per the 4 Cs specs, symmetry, polish, and other important factors are less confusing. However, you can choose any other shape that you and your fiancé prefer and still have a profitable experience if you choose a helpful and honest online marketplace. So, may it be loose Asscher cut diamonds or loose Round cut lab grown diamonds, you can never go wrong with a trusted site like Rare Carat. So, check out the site today!