Baker Grace & Joss Austin release visual for “Missing You”

With her debut EP in 2019, “Girl I Know”, Baker Grace (pictured Above) emerged as an artist with undeniable confidence. She stretches the boundaries of pop music and with each new release shows a new level of musicianship and introspection while maintaining her integrity and singularity. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Weehawken, NJ is working to create her own charming reality aside from the masses.

Her sophomore EP, “Yourz Truly” illuminated her inner world and personal philosophies more freely than ever, sharing her story with equal parts boldness and dreamy sensitivity. Each song represents either a letter to herself or to someone else. “Yourz Truly” was followed by collaborations with rising star Cautious Clay, Grammy-nominated producer Scott Harris (Shawn Mendes, The Chainsmokers, Chance The Rapper, Kygo), and Mexican pop singer-songwriter Charlie Rodd. Following a slew of singles in 2021, Baker wrote four songs on the soundtrack for the feature film Last Survivors, which topped the charts on Hulu, featuring the breakout track, “Lullaby”. Splitting her time between NYC and Los Angeles, she has continued through 2022 with singles “Shake The Earth” and “Pressure” along with stunning music videos to accompany them.

Baker Grace continues to perfect her craft each day and has much more to come in 2023.

Straight out of the heart of South Africa comes an emerging male pop artist, Joss Austin. He’s recently signed a deal with Riveting Music.

Originally from Durban, South Africa, Joss has been slowly breaking into the music scene since his teen years. Though he started out pursuing pop music, he’s now fully transitioned into a unique rap and hip-hop style of music, making it his own. Joss has been compared to Post Malone, but truthfully, his music comes with a fresh, original take as he mixes sexy vocals with catchy rap verses.

For Joss, his dream is what keeps him motivated, not money, not fame, but his dream and passion for music. He looks forward to being an example for those that might feel discouraged based on their circumstances. He believes that if a kid from Durban, South Africa can work hard and land an international record deal to make his own album, then it’s possible for others too.

“I’m not striving for money or success but for happiness. This is what makes me happy. That’s my goal,” Joss says. “I want to show kids that they can too, no matter where they come from.”