Richard Lynch New Single ‘Thankful, Grateful and Blessed’

Richard Lynch imbues his country rock with a honky-tonk flavor in “Thankful, Grateful and Blessed.” Volume is a must, for this song possesses a genuine outpouring of emotion. Lyricism matters, for he makes every line count. Done with a modern sense of poetry, the song rolls on in pure crystal clarity. An authentic living, breathing quality rests at the heart of the arrangement. Elements of faith pour into the fray and are treated with the utmost respect. Many layers intersect, allowing for a sense of true inner peace.

It starts strong from the very beginning. Exceptionally well-sculpted riffs ring out with a distinctive western twang. Slide guitar works wonders adding to this strong force of nature quality. Ensuring every twist and turn is accounted for, the whole band works into a frenzy. The way a party-like atmosphere washes over the track feels majestic. The buildup he presents has this live presence that emphasizes the peace he truly feels. Much of the track celebrates the vast, wide-open spaces of the American west, the big sky country that is an essential part of the American experience. Over the course of the journey, he documents the uncertainty he sometimes faces and whom he can turn to for comfort. By the time the song ends, it has joyously gone full circle.

“Thankful, Grateful and Blessed” shows off the powerful, positive message of Richard Lynch for he shares a deep appreciation for the world around him.