Dude Reppin Knowhere Present “MoMA”

You didn’t know it, but you’ve been looking for these vibes your entire life. Rapper, poet, and anything-you-think-he-can’t-be, Dude Reppin Knowhere is just on another level. And he’s calling you in. Let’s get a sense of the scene: ten years ago on the Lower East Side, he blasts off such energy at an otherwise tame poetry house that the stage is swarmed and the sound system blows out. Maybe they chased him out of town. Maybe he followed divine signals. But after criss-crossing the nation, the savant adopted Burlington, Vermont as a temporary home base. There he flips cars, draws, paints, and muses in the bustling local scene until another surge sends him into his ever-expanding adventures through space, time, and mind. Sometimes an emcee, sometimes a yoga teacher. Always a creature/creator in creation. Now exhale. After releasing a few sunny psychedelic EPs, the Dude’s making his next move with the nine-track, cushy-vibed, full-length album entitled MOMA. Read on down to see what that means.

Nice, you made it. So, “MOMA” – or, More Organic More Authentic. Yes indeed, it’s Dude Reppin Knowhere’s new single and soon to be the titular track of his pending album. But it’s also, as the dude himself says, “a movement. If I were to get behind a movement, yeah, it’d be this.” The song itself is a shining example of what that means. After tinkering together the catchy retro beat and hook at the heart of the song, producer Ace Marcano just threw “MOMA” down as a temporary title for the track. Then, after hiking Vermont’s highest peak together, the acronym fleshed itself out into our main man’s noggin organically. And a bit later, they decided to nail down the entire song and video in a single day – for authenticity’s sake.

What resulted was a tasty, funky window into a mind and life lived “MOMA.” The song calls listeners to “Pay respect to the Earth / Because the Earth is dope.” The music video (again: shot in a single day) also opens us to the world of Dude Reppin Knowhere. Shot-by-shot, we get an earthy and aerial tour of Burlington through the eyes of the artist: backyard beat-making, mountain-climbing, and donuts in muscle cars – it can’t get much better. Pop on the song or daze out on the video to start steering your life towards “MOMA.”

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