Music Review: Reina Subramanian’s “heartstrings.”

Reina Subramanian is a talented music artist and an actor with model musical theatre and dance. The recent EP of Reina constitutes three major tracks-“heartstrings,” “look the other way,” and “all the way through.” The tracks integrate and dig deep into the feelings of regret, rejection, and support. Reina’s “heartstrings” has traversed through different audiences in the global world. 

The EP “heartstrings” demonstrates the enchanting talent of the artist and the ability to please an audience with a passion for listening to Indie music. The track adopts a major theme involving hurting someone’s feelings. “heartstrings” begins with a synth and drum kit combination, indicating that the music’s entire beat is electronically produced. The target listeners of the music are impacted by the solid vocals and ability to craft lyrics while attempting to be relatable to the mass audience. “heartstrings” is thought-provoking and lyrically poignant because it digs into the feelings of rejection and regret and the maximum support we can provide to those needing assistance. The artist delivers ease in her voice, but the track highlights her versatility achieved through both highs and lows in the performance. 

The song’s melody has been created by merging the electrical instruments, such as the guitar and the drums; this is realized when the music starts and gets a flow and fascinating instrumental coordination that provides a captivating melody. The tune in “heartstrings” begins in a manner that introduces the song, and its ends fade slowly, which portrays a good ending. “heartstrings” is arranged with a percussive and synth design which adopts a clapping to help accommodate the target audience during the performance. When Reina enters the song with her voice, the entire beat sounds calm and sweet, thus, making the entire song unique and distinctive. Throughout the performance, different voices and supporting echoes make the whole composition catchy and resonate with the minds and feelings of the target audience.

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