Jonathan Roy shines with euphoric pop anthem ‘I Wanna Feel Love’

Jonathan Roy is an artist who immediately seems to stand tall among the crowd. His voice carries soundscapes for miles and miles, with every single listener surely to be captivated and once again returning to hear his brand new material. He has just released his fourth studio album ‘Life Distortions’, another sonic landscape for Roy to explore and re-define his journey as a singer-songwriter.

Lead single ‘I Wanna Feel Love’ feels like the perfect amalgamation between Jonathan Roy old and new. His raspy and empowering vocal takes centre stage amongst a stylish and modern day production, in a song that is all about real life and real situations. This is exactly what Roy imprints on his audience, and a no holds barred approach to writing songs that is highly impactful and spiritual all at the same time. It’s another huge release from Roy, who looks as if he’s going to have his biggest year to date and rightly so.

He says “I think people will connect with what’s real. People have bullshit detectors. I’m playing what I like in the songs. I’m trying to grab all the things I like from bands and people that I admire and I’m trying to put it in my soup, in my writing and melodies. I feel like I’m an old-school cat creating this weird pop alternative music and I love it.”