INSPIRED – THE 30 SECOND SONG MOVIE – “Nobody Makes Money Anymore!”

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The Pocket Gods really put the cat amongst the pigeons when their efforts to draw attention to what they saw as an inequality in Spotify revenues to artists hit the global headlines. Now their story has been picked up by Amazon and it is a MUST SEE for all musicians. Below we outline some of the key points within the show.

• It’s the story of one band’s campaign to bring change to a broken music streaming system.

• It tells how Spotify pays just £0.002 per stream!! They’ve had over 1 million streams 2022 and received just £250!!!

• It rate used to be £0.007 before they bought Joe Rogan’s podcast!

• How they got the idea to write just 30 second songs, as Spotify pays out a royalty in full after this duration. Then they maxed out the tiny royalty per song by putting 100 songs on an album!

• How they then released a further 10 of these 100X30 albums culminating in last years 1000X30 Nobody Makes Money Anymore album which had 1000 songs on!!!!

• This led to discussions with Spotify founder Daniel Ek and meetings with their head of music. Spotify told the band that music streaming is just one slice of the Pizza and artists should look to make money elsewhere!

• The films shows how their campaign has been seen as a David V Goliath battle!!

• The band then officially ended this campaign of 30 second song albums by releasing one final album of

usual length songs with just one copy made on vinyl. The album is on sale in their local record shop in St Albans for £1million!!!

• The films details how the band will use the sale proceeds to fund an ethical alternative to Spotify which will pledge to pay artists at least 1p per stream – 50 times Spotify’s current rate!!

Watch the Film & Trailer: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/detail/B0B8TJ4X6C/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r