Choosing the Right Setting for Your Marquise Cut Diamond 

Marquise cut diamonds Have a unique shape and make a statement with their elegant appeal. The origin of these diamonds can be traced back to the 1700s, and they have become popular today. Many people choose marquise for their engagement rings. They have that classic vintage look and appear larger than stones of the same carat weight. They also provide versatility when it comes to link settings. Below are the best ways to find the right setting for your marquise-cut diamond. To geta an in-depth idea click

Choosing the best ring setting is important if you want to show off your marquise cut diamond in the best way possible. You don’t want a loose marquise diamond that will fall off easily.

Below are the best ring settings for your marquise cut diamonds.

Prong settings

Prongs are great for holding marquise diamonds in place without affecting the light performance of the stone. You can choose the 4, 5, 6, or 8-prong setting. Note that a lesser prong setting like four doesn’t get in the way of the diamond’s light performance but offers less protection. High-prong settings reduce visibility but enhance protection. You should find a balance between the number of prongs and protection. A 6-prong setting is the best because it protects your stone but doesn’t impact visibility. However, if your stone is too small, you may opt for the four-prong setting. The safety of the diamond should be your diamond.

Prongs can break or lose shape when the metal is knocked or becomes thin. Therefore, you may need to visit a jeweler now and then for an inspection.

The most delicate part of a marquise cut diamond is the tips, which are prone to breaking off. A v-tipped prong protects these tips by preventing unnecessary exposure.

Prong setting pros

●  Makes the diamond appear large

●  Improves the visibility of the diamond

●  Highlights the size and shape of the marquise diamond

●  Easy to care for and maintain

●  Protects the diamond sufficiently


●  Prongs are not good for people who wear their diamonds while going to work because they can snag items and damage the diamonds

●  There is a risk that the diamond may get loose and fall off if the prongs wear down.

Halo setting

The halo setting involves placing a ring of tiny diamonds or other gemstones around the marquise-cut diamonds. This can enhance the overall appearance of the stone.

The Halo setting makes a diamond appear large because our eyes measure the stone from one edge to another and may not notice the tiny stones that surround the halo. This illusion can save you money because a larger stone can be costly compared with small stones of similar carat weight.

Halo settings also boost the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. It creates a buffer that protects the center and sides of the diamond.

You can choose other gemstones for your halo if the colors match.


●  Enhances the stone’s brilliance

●  It adds emphasis on the stone’s center

●  Protects the stone from impact

● It’s more affordable than purchasing one large stone

●  Makes the diamond appear large


●  Halo settings have many grooves and crevices, which may create problems when cleaning

●  You may need to replace the small diamonds after some time because they can loosen

Bezel setting

The bezel setting offers the highest level of protection compared to the other settings. It has a sheet of metal that surrounds the entire edge of the stone and secures it in place.

The bezel setting is the oldest but still looks stylish. This setting is perfect for individuals who want a minimalist appearance that doesn’t exaggerate the ring. The major downside of the bezel setting is that it covers a large part of the ring and makes it appear smaller. Don’t expect enhanced light reflection from the entire stone but only the face.

Also, bezel settings should be customized for every stone, which means they are expensive.


●  Provides the highest level of protection

●  Protects the edges and tips of the marquise

●  Vintage and timeless

●  Ideal for people with busy hands, unlike the other two options above

●  Hides the flaws that the stone may have on the edges.


●  More costly than other options

●  Makes the stone appear smaller

●  Reduces the visibility of the diamond

●  Hard to resize

There are many other settings for marquise diamonds. The three listed methods are most effective because they balance beauty and protection.

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