Neon Dreams Present “This Is It”

Here they are – the feel-good philosophers, the spiritual ciphers, the good-vibe guys – known as Neon Dreams. Formed by a group of self-proclaimed high school dropouts in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Neon Dreams is now an international sensation. With complete disregard for the bounds of genre, frontman Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris freely swim through waters of alternative, pop, folk, funk, hip-hop, and reggae. The only thing that matters to this team is truth-telling; whether communicating feelings of romantic love or transcendence through trauma, each of their songs shines with a gleam of freedom and clarity. With the release of their latest album Love Child Baby Dolphin, the dynamic duo is poised to continue spreading their signature vibes to all who will listen on their seemingly endless world tour.

Released on Love Child Baby Dolphin, Neon Dream’s cathartic bop “This Is It” may cause sudden tears of joy and release amidst compulsive dancing. At the top of the track, Kadillac cooly strums his uke while singing a simple tune that cuts straight to the heart. The message is equally simple and poignant: we love not for wealth or fame or feelings but because love is our truth. Morris pops in with jovial drums to get our bodies on the same level as our feels, and the production crescendos to an irresistible call-and-response that’ll have you singing along—whether in your car or in the crowd.

For an extra boost of sunshine and take-it-easy vibes, look no further than the music video for “This Is It,” directed by Daniel Cole. Serving as the band’s travelogue for the past year or so, we see just how far a life lived in love, light, and art has taken Morris and Kadillac. Scenes leap from live shows to encounters with elephants, high-fives with fans, and quiet moments of togetherness backlit by South African sunsets. Paired with the sound and ethic of the song, the series of joyful scenes makes a casual and compelling argument that if there’s any ideal way to live life, “This Is It.”

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