Songwriter Neil Fergus Looking for Publishing Deal and Representation

Attended Fordham University in NYC and majored in English and Communications. Wrote film reviews for the college newspaper. While attending college, I did an internship at Penthouse magazine in their editorial department, helping edit and research articles, some of famous musicians that included some of their songwriting processes (I was also responsible for opening incoming mail – yikes!).

I am a self taught musician, teaching myself late, in my late teens. I sang other groups and artists songs for a while and Irish traditional music (being of Irish descent) but soon grew tired of it. So, I wrote my first song in 2001. “Can’t Wait” (that original recording from 2000 is listed om my home page). I started really writing steadily in 2007. I wrote about 50 songs during the period. I write Country, Pop, Folk, Rock, Blues, Singer Songwriter, Alternative, Jazz, Instrumental, children’s songs.