The Role of Natural Killer Cells to Prevent Cancer in Modern Days

The natural killer cells are the white blood cells that perform specialised roles as the part of the immune response and they can kill tumour and other infected cells through the direct contact. Though these cells are said to be the immune system’s first responders towards the infection and disease, they will represent only a minor portion of all the WBCs and do not last long.

Along with the T cells and the B cells, the NK cells have some specialised roles they play in the overall immunity and also help in recovery of the cancer cells. These cells they first-time responders that kill tumor and infected cells by direct fighting with them and they also helps in regulating the immune system. Unlike the other cells, the NK cells can recognise the abnormal cells. One of the major benefits of these NK cells is that they are safe and they cause less graft versus host disease where the white blood cells that are present within the transplanted tissue get attacked by the body cells.

What Is The Function Of NK Cells?

As per the latest scientific review, people who are genetically lacks in the NK cells have their regular infections and also die early than others. The individuals who have less amount of NK cells in the body, they suffer from herpevirus infection and as NK cells helps in fighting from cancer and HIV, deficient in these cells can cause these issues in the body.

Activation of NK Cells

The scientists consider that the NK cells stay in the resting phase until they are activated by the cytokines. Once they are activated, they will then invade the tissues that are being affected by the pathogens and secrete the interferons. They also appear for releasing from the membrane, disrupting protein, known as the perforin.

How To Increase The Production Of NK Cells?

One of the most common ways to increase the production of NK cells is to take the supplements but the process is not approved by FDA. Hence, you need to consult with the doctor to see the rise in the level of NK cells in the body. However, there are some ways in which you can increase the same and they include eating the white button mushrooms, strength training, and exercise, massage therapy and also use of antioxidants.

The NK cells are said to be the elite Special Forces in the body. Just consider them as the NAVY seals of the immune system in your body. They comprise within the 5-20% of the total lymphocytes in the blood of the human being. They have the clear vision- they are the annihilate imposters and also they affect and kills the unhealthy cells that are dangerous for the body.

They are one of the best cells that help in killing cancer and other harmful objects in the body. They are also preventing the spread of microbes and also human response to HIV. They are also an important role in helping the humans to become pregnant.