P Bailey New Single ‘My Black is Beautiful (Bomb Mix)’

A big blast of beats and confident lyricism defines P. Bailey’s powerful “My Black is Beautiful (Bomb Mix)”. Layer upon layer enters into the mix making sure they hold nothing back. His voice features a distinctive strength to it. Volume is a given for this is the sort of song that absolutely commands the listener’s attention. By ensuring that he holds absolutely nothing back there is this elegance to it. Melodies here feature a subtle quality to them the way that they intersect in unexpected ways. Stylistically he takes elements of house music, industrial, R&B, dub, and more and merges it into a true stream of consciousness sort of take.

He wastes no time for that rhythm starts things up immediately. Upon the first hit of the percussion there is this sheer heaviness to it. For all the many different elements he weaves into the dense track his voice has enough power to rise above it. Word choice matters and the way that they explore the love of self, the ability to have pride in one’s own being, is doubly refreshing. This is an arena-filling mix, one that swirls about in this absolutely delirious way. Nor does he ever let up, the way that the song powers on through feels life-affirming.

“My Black is Beautiful (Bomb Mix)” shows off how P. Bailey creates a beautiful, fully immersive world one that brings the physicality of the club and uplifts a truly transformative message.