Sonarpilot New Video “Gorgon”

Art that inspires inner reflection: That’s the mission of Sonarpilot, the alter ego of producer and digital designer Michael Moppert. Through Moppert’s genre-bending electronic soundscapes and imaginative visual voyages by fractal artist Roger Mader, audiences are transported into The Mirage Project, a world of audio-visual contemplations on big contemporary issues like Artificial Intelligence, cosmology, the multiverse, alien life, and more. Upon its release in 2020, The Mirage Project, Season 1 received accolades for its sound and visual elements, consisting of six epic journeys through mind, science, time, and space.

Now this dynamic duo is back at it again for The Mirage Project, Season 2. They are joined by London-based DJ Jonny Miller to help them map out the farthest reaches of the Mirage cosmos – and the human imagination. The next chapter, entitled “Gorgon,” takes a deep dive into the labyrinth of a massive bio-mechanical machine – an artistic comment about Artificial Intelligence, its promises, challenges, its frightening power, and fragile existence.

The third episode in Sonarpilot’s The Mirage Project, Season 2, “Gorgon” is a mesmerizing journey into the increasingly psychedelic structure of a massive bio-mechanical machine. The trip starts with a tender-footed approach towards what eventually becomes an intense, metal-inspired electronic meditation about the moment when a super-intelligent machine might show true signs of life – and maybe even a soul.

We open on DNA-like strands of metal scaffolding emerging from a fog, eventually revealing a seemingly infinite unraveling of some bio-mechanical network or organism. As the structure folds into increasingly complex iterations of itself, colorful sun-like orbs appear, distorting our view of the mechanical madness with seductive hues. Does the mechanical skeleton come to life?

The 7-minute cinematic journey echoes an encounter with one of the ancient creatures that give it its namesake. The mythical Gorgons had slithering serpents as hair and a gaze that would turn anyone who looked at them to stone. Fascinating and terrifying, this trip leaves you as stunned and enamored as Gorgon’s serpentine seductiveness.

Sonarpilot explains: “‘Gorgon’ is a meditation about the explosive pervasion of our society with AI, about the fascination and fear, about the uncontrollable complexity of these systems and the sparks of synthetic life that we will soon see in these machines.”

He continues: “It is hard to fathom the essence of a truly independent alien intelligence that will emerge from a mechanical structure. To illustrate this enigma, we have pushed the visual envelope of this Mirage very far. This journey is a machine on a psychedelic trip.”

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