Stacy Gabel Sends You ‘Straight To Voicemail’

Stacy Gabel is a multi-talented artist who has a knack for making upbeat songs that will brighten your day. Stacy Gabel has an exciting, new release titled ‘Straight To Voicemail’ that will certainly get people talking. This 5-track EP is full of sunshine as Stacy Gabel dials up all the right numbers on ‘Straight To Voicemail’.

Stacy Gabel is a seasoned recording artist, performer and award-winning singer/songwriter. Stacy also has a degree in Television Production and is a graduate of AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC). Stacy is a former TV promo producer & writer at Nickelodeon/MTV Networks in NYC and Los Angeles and is a member of SAG/AFTRA. Gabel has appeared in TV & film roles including: “Charmed” and “General Hospital” just to name a few. Obviously, Stacy Gabel is a multi-dimensional artist, but ‘Straight To Voicemail’ is the HERE and NOW, so time to hit PLAY and listen to the entire recording.

Some have coined Stacy Gabel’s style as “theatrical pop” and I would have to agree because she certainly has got character shining through on each song. The EP kicks off with the title track, “Straight To Voicemail”, where the listener will pick up on a peppy ‘n’ poppy delivery by Stacy Gabel. Right away, Stacy pulls you in with her sweet-sounding, delicate voice to go along with humorous lyrics and an inviting sound overall. “Straight To Voicemail” is one song you will want to pick up immediately with Stacy Gabel on the line providing a fun-filled message. You can SKOPE out the official music video for “Straight To Voicemail” right here: Stacy Gabel – Straight to Voicemail (Official Music Video) – YouTube. As The Cars would say: Let the “Good Times Roll” as we head into the next number called “High Heeled Shoes” where Stacy Gabel will put a bounce in your step. “High Heeled Shoes” has a happy-go-lucky vibe where Stacy is standing tall with stylish notes. Track three, “Stir Crazy”, draws you in with a pleasant harmony & melody and one can’t go wrong with lyrics like: “love eachother” and “Just be kind”. “Sunny Days” is next and Stacy delivers a shining performance that fills the room with bright noise. Stacy ends on a magical note with “A Little Magic (Acoustic)” where she gives a standout performance that captures your attention. Stacy Gabel is a true songbird who sings the sweetest melodies and plays the finest chords.

All music & lyrics were written by Stacy Gabel and the tracks were produced by award-winning Grammy members: Anthony Newett & Louis Anthony DeLise. Recorded under the label Catch My Riff Records, ‘Straight To Voicemail’ showcases Stacy Gabel as a premier singer/songwriter with POP appeal. ‘Straight To Voicemail’ is not one to miss, so pick up a copy today and don’t you dare hang up on Stacy Gabel!