J.D Malone and The Experts Glowing Bright with ‘Even Sunbeams’

Prepare to embrace this new release from J. D Malone and The Experts because ‘Even Sunbeams’ will light up your ears. There are seven, standout songs on this new record that will excite your senses. J.D Malone and The Experts are stealing the show with ‘Even Sunbeams’.

We have J.D Malone on vocals & acoustic guitar and The Experts are: Avery Coffee on electric guitar, Tommy Geddes on drums, Nate Gonzalez on piano, organ & keys and Pete Donnelly on bass guitar and all other sounds. ‘Even Sunbeams’ was produced by J.D Malone and Pete Donnelly, recorded and mixed by Pete Donnelly at Katonah Sound Studios in Katonah, NY. All songs were written by J.D Malone and the album was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. The final result is beaming with bright rays of musical notes that is a joy to hear on ‘Even Sunbeams’.

The record kicks off with a catchy song called “Blue Impala” that offers the perfect speed/tempo. It’s time to take a chance and take a joy ride in the “Blue Impala”. Next is the “Strongest Oak” that has a strong foundation and draws the listener in with its enriching sound. Track three, “Soft Place To Land”, supplies real heart & soul with emotional chords pouring out of the speakers. “Lottery Tickets” is a true winning number on all levels, so play on and maybe you will have some good luck today. Track five, “Lucky 44”, is engaging and is a well-recorded and well-written song that stands out with J.D Malone and The Experts giving a solid performance. J.D Malone and The Experts do not lose or miss a beat on “Lost My Shadow” where one will receive an excellent listening experience. A wonderful feeling rushes over you on the final number titled “Home Of The Brave”. “Home Of The Brave” is a song worth listening to and one to be proud of as I salute J.D Malone and The Experts on a job well done!

Even Sunbeams’ deserves a round of applause because it’s composed of high quality content that will attract to listeners worldwide. I have a feeling J.D Malone And The Experts will connect with many people out there and will leave a lasting impression with the audience. I would also like to point out that the cover art for ‘Even Sunbeams’ is eye-catching with its colorful design that truly POPS! Be sure to SKOPE out J.D Malone And The Experts and their latest release, ‘Even Sunbeams’ that is bursting with musical sunshine.

J.D Malone (jdmalone.com)

By Jimmy Rae