Russ Hewitt Presents New Album ‘Chasing Horizons’

Russ Hewitt embarks on a journey dripping with romance and outright love on “Chasing Horizons”. Without needing to say a single word, the expressiveness of his acoustic guitar says it all. The classic element of the arrangements feels profound. He goes for the timelessness of the sound and is richly rewarded. Everything on here has a shining, shimmering element to it. Full of such fervor it swirls about in a reflective stance. Stylistically he brings together traditional folk, Bossa Nova, jazz, even classical into the hearty mix. Melodies resonate with such distinctive emotion for these are passionate pieces that interlock to deliver something profound.


“Allende” starts things off with a sunny disposition as the rest of the group quickly enter into the fray, resulting in some tactile percussion that adds to the intimacy. On “Vivir Libre (feat. Marty Friedman)” he goes hard with a celebratory stance. The ambient sweeps of “Luminous” give it a cinematic open with the rest of the arrangement gradually evolving in this splendid way. Nice and completely chilled out “Sunset Samba (feat. Jorge Strunz)” has a sense of peacefulness to it. Moodier elements thanks in large part to the extended strings radiate within “Luna”. By far the highlight is the explosion of joy that is “Cubalia Café (feat. Ardeshir Farah)”. Ending it all off with the right degree of reflection comes “Return to Simitai (feat. Tri Nguyen)”.

“Chasing Horizons” has Russ Hewitt craft a world that has such a rich, inviting stance to it.