Only the authentic and GIA-certified Lab-grown Diamonds at Rare Carat!

Owning and wearing a piece of diamond jewelry will enhance your confidence and excitement to take on all life endeavors. This empowering gem will give you the impression of a pleasurable worth and a glamorous mindset and motivation. Diamonds or diamond jewelry pieces may have the reputation of expensive and unreachable costs, but their lasting brilliance and incomparable beauty and durability last a lifetime – or even an epoch. Its brilliance defines versatile chances of dressing up and representing your elegance and status symbol to the world. Hence, diamonds should be everyone’s prized achievement as this blissful natural item is yet the most precious possession that contributes to one’s wealth and personal contentment.

Furthermore, diamonds need not be unbelievably expensive and unreachable as everyone deserves these magically beautiful stones that they can wear, flaunt, and treasure. Good thing that there is a kind of diamond that is equally durable, lasting, more flexible in designs, and can be customized – the Rare Carat GIA certified lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are genuine diamonds that are fabricated in laboratories with their quality closely monitored, highly and professionally formulated, and designed with the precise techniques to come up with elegantly authentic-level shine and quality. These lab-grown diamonds are also real diamonds, the only difference from the conventional diamonds you know is their origins.

It may somehow still be mesmerizing that the diamonds you own come from nature like caves, stones, mining areas, etc., but the lab-grown diamonds are the response to the diamond supply shortage of diamonds and to prevent the exploits of the natural landscapes that will avoid accidents from laborers, climate change, and disasters in nature. This precious innovation of making “real diamonds” contributes to the economy and the lives of the people.

Lab-grown diamonds are the blessings of science because it lets people possess the precious gem for gifting or as prized possessions as reflections of their love, thoughts, and efforts. Lab Grown diamonds at Rare Carat are certified genuine and of standard quality by the GIA or Gemological Institute Association proving that these pieces are substantially and equally empowering with the naturally acquired ones. Moreover, wearing lab-grown diamonds is similar to wearing diamonds worn by royals and celebrities too!

Diamond Jewelry from Rare Carat

Rare Carat offers diamond settings, customizing diamond profiles (4Cs) from carat weight, color, cut, and is guaranteed that their diamonds are made with authentic diamond-level clarity. You can select the kind of metal where you want your diamonds to sit with the best quality and the most unique and personalized designs that would represent your individuality!

What can you find at Rare Carat’s brand and website?

You would be very excited to see the options that Rare Carat offers, so here is the link to the brand’s website: Rare Carat Diamonds. The site includes specific details of different diamond profiles and specifications according to your preferences. Also, to make it easy for you as the brand’s respected client, they give available options for easy comprehension. Thus. Rare Carat’s website also includes an educational and informative page about lab grown diamonds and why you should definitely choose them over natural diamonds! Visit this page for more information: Lab Grown Diamonds at Rare Carat. This brand is also a reliable established diamond company as it displays the right price and price range advisory.

Does GIA certify lab grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds you get from Rare Carat are created exactly just like how real diamonds are formed. Thus, these diamonds may be “synthetic”, but it contains exactly the same minerals and elements that real diamonds are composed of. These blissful man-made items are formed under pressure, heat, and relevantly appropriate kinds of atmosphere and methods in laboratories. Procedures such as HPHT(High Pressure, High Temperature) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) include the involvement of chemicals, special lighting, vapors, temperatures, and elemental energies to form these lab-grown diamonds. Therefore, all you could conclude is that these diamonds are definitely composed of natural ingredients and minerals including carbon silicate, sulfur, phosphorus, tints, and others. There are also post-treatment processes applied to these precious stones to make them firmer and stronger.

The GIA certifies lab-grown diamonds by displaying the profiles and specifications of a lab-grown diamond including the methods of creation and the grading process. The GIA provides reports upon checking, assessing, verifying, and reviewing the content of every piece of diamond cutting. This gemological institute conducts the certification in technical processes and identifies the creation date, type of cutting, clarity profile, carat weight, and associated colors seen in the brilliance of the diamond cut. The symmetry, Fluorescence, polish, and size are also displayed in the certificate upon purchase at Rare Carat.

So, does GIA certify lab grown diamonds? Definitely yes, if the lab-grown diamonds pass the standards and authenticity level that has a real and genuine diamond quality. And all lab-grown diamonds you purchase at Rare Carat are certified by GIA. Not only these man-created diamonds but also the metal settings such as gold, white gold, and rose gold materials. Surely, satisfaction and contentment are a bonus you get from the brand’s high-quality diamond.