How Can a Non-Smoker Consume Weed?

It’s important to feel calm and at ease. If you are having a busy schedule, a hectic day, or some chronic pain, you can have weed. Weed is also known as cannabis, ganja, pot, marijuana, etc. Considering the health benefits of weed, it is legalized in the United States of America. 

If you wish to consume weed but are a non-smoker, worry not. Nowadays, there are cannabis edibles, tablets, tinctures, and beverages infused with weed. Now, have a delicious chocolate or drink with cannabis and enjoy your time. 

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Ways Through Which Non-Smokers Can Consume Weed

Cannabis Edibles

The food products infused with cannabis are known as cannabis edibles. You can eat and drink your favorite products and get high at the same time. Nowadays, there are delicious edibles that offer a wide variety of dosages and forms, from gummies to CBD drinks. 

Though it may take a couple of hours to feel the effects of weed but these last longer as compared to smoking. 

You can try different types of edibles and feel ecstasy. 

Types of Cannabis Edibles

Cookies, Chocolates & Brownies

If you are a sweet tooth and wish to consume weed, you can have delicious weed-infused cookies, chocolates, rice bars, etc. 

If you are a beginner, you can prefer taking a lower dose as you might not have the capacity like the one who consumes weed frequently. You can try not to eat the whole chocolate at once but divide it into cubes or bars. 

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To feel energized and enhance your creativity, you can have gummies of different flavors. You can choose among raspberry, fruit, sour watermelon, etc as per your taste. 

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CBD Drinks

Weed drinks are a great alternative to smoking. You can minimize physical discomfort and calm your nerves by drinking refreshing beverages infused with weed. It is also a good substitute for alcohol. Light up your mood and chill by having delicious drinks. 

There are amazing weed drinks in the legal market such as Blackberry Lemon, Cranberry Sage, and Grapefruit Rosemary, among others. 

Tablets or Capsules

If you do not wish to eat gummies, chocolates, etc. you can have capsules and tablets. After these capsules, you might feel soothed and calm. Weed-infused capsules have therapeutic benefits and provide relief. 


Tinctures containing weed are a solution of cannabis in water or alcohol. The tincture can be consumed straight from the dropper or added to food or beverages.

The tincture is consumed for medicinal purposes. Vaping makes one high instantly. Similarly, if you take the tincture, you may feel the effects immediately. 

If you’ve never used marijuana before, you might need to experiment a little bit at first to figure out your ideal dose. To consume tincture, you have to fill your dropper up to 1 ml and drop it under your tongue. You may have to wait for a minute to feel the effects. 

Things to Consider Before Trying Weed

  • Store cannabis edibles where pets and children cannot reach. Cookies, drinks, brownies, etc may tempt children to eat and drink. Thus, to avoid any health issue, keep them somewhere safe
  • Edibles must be kept in dim light and dark areas. There is a chance that edibles can get damaged if kept in direct sunlight
  • Always check the packet labels carefully before purchasing cannabis edibles and tinctures. Look for manufacturing, packaging, and expiration dates. If you have any allergy from a particular ingredient, kindly check the list of ingredients on the label
  • Seal edibles properly after eating. If edibles like chocolate are kept in open, their quality can be damaged and becomes misfit for eating
  • If you are smoking weed or vaping, you may get high in minutes. However, after ingesting edibles, the effects are felt after a few hours. If you overdose, you may feel anxiety. Thus, you should wait for some hours after consuming edibles
  • Take the first dose in the evening to avoid ruining the next day. The first time you use marijuana, you can overdose and feel sleepy. Your dose of weed changes with time as initially, you may have lower capacity levels. If you consume weed frequently or regular basis, you may want a higher dose

Bottom Line!

If you are a non-smoker, you can easily consume weed by trying amazing and delicious weed edibles. Please consult a physician before taking marijuana. Always choose and take products that are tested, and approved by experts. 

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