The almost-fight between two Liverpool teammates

Probably the fight between Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer is the most famous brawl between two teammates in any Premier League match. Some excellent football and kabaddi odds can be found on the 1xBet online bookmaker, which definitely are the most competitive in the entire market.

But this was not the only time when two teammates of a Premier League team fought with each other. A similar situation almost erupted on the 18th of September 1993 in a match between Everton and Liverpool. This match had a few protagonists, such as:

  • Mark Ward;
  • Tony Cottee;
  • Bruce Grobbelaar;
  • and Steve McManaman;

Football and kabaddi are two of the sports featured at 1xBet, where fantastic odds are available on hundreds of different events. Ward and Cottee were the two Everton goalscorers who gave their team the final 2-0 victory against their Merseyside derby rivals. Grobbelaar and McManaman were also protagonists but for a very different reason.

A badly defended corner kick

In the 27th minute of the first half, Mark Ward took a powerful shot that completely defeated Liverpool’s keeper Grobbelaar. Punters can make online betting in India through 1xBet on all editions of the exciting Merseyside derby.

The Everton player had all the time he needed to score after a corner kick that McManaman was unable to defend. Grobbelaar was known as a goalkeeper with a very short temper. He was quite clear in making McManaman aware that he didn’t like how he defended that corner. Don’t forget to make online betting in 1xBet India on all matches played by Liverpool or Everton.

A furious goalkeeper

Grobbelaar did something that wasn’t particularly shocking for those who knew him well. While Everton players celebrated their goal, he approached McManaman and started to make all kinds of gestures to him. At the same time he also said lots of unintelligible words to his teammate. The 1xBet football betting section has a great area dedicated to all incredible matches of the English Premier League.

At first, McManaman tried to mostly ignore his teammate. However, things escalated when the keeper grabbed the midfielder’s face. McManaman responded with a punch that was unable to strike Grobbelaar’s face as he probably intended. Both of them continued to exchange words until the match eventually restarted. Punters can visit 1xBet now to make football betting on all matches of the incredible English Premier League.

This situation basically proved that making Bruce Grobbelaar angry was definitely not a good idea, and McManaman understood it first-hand.