Gapp Services: Reshape Your Service Strategy 

With the rise in competition, the demands of consumers have also increased significantly. Customers will immediately move on to the next business if they did not get the expected services. That’s why business owners are always busy trying to exceed the customer’s expectations. 

Customers are always hard to please and expect more at a cheaper price. To ensure better customer experience and satisfaction, many businesses follow the gapp services model to understand their strengths and shortcomings.

About Service Gap Analysis 

Otherwise known as Gap Model for Customer Service, this strategic analysis is used to evaluate the gaps between customer expectation and perception. It has proven to be an ideal technique for many businesses to close the gap and boost the level of customer satisfaction.

Developed by PZB, it efficiently measures the quality of services and several aspects of the consumer-business relationship. This analysis instantly points out the area that needs improvement and the reasons behind customer dissatisfaction.

In addition, this analysis highlights five important gaps that lead to customer dissatisfaction 

  • The Knowledge Gap 
  • The Communication Gap 
  • The Policy Gap
  • The Delivery Gap 
  • The Customer Gap 

Reshape Your Service Strategy 

Running a services gap analysis will let you identify underperforming areas and reshape service strategy to close the gaps.

Determine Which Areas Need Improvements 

Every customer is unique and contributes to the success of the business. That’s why business owners should make an effort to retain customers. Know what the customer expects from the products and services and what enhancements would bring the business back into the spotlight.

Identify areas where the shortcomings lie and which departments are to blame for customer dissatisfaction.

Analyze Your Current Situation 

A gap analysis will give you a detailed review of the current business state. After identifying the gaps and reviewing the current business state, plan how you will cater to the gaps. Determine the starting point for closing gaps between the company’s offerings and customers’ expectations.

Set a Goal For Improvement 

After analyzing the current situation, the business owner will determine which areas need improvement. Next up, set measurable goals to boost the efficiency of the business. 

It should be noted that goals should be realistic and achievable within a specific time. Accurately measure the progress of the business and whether or not the implemented changes have closed the gaps.

Understand Improvements Expected By the Customers 

Gap Model for customer services will provide a complete picture of the causes of customer dissatisfaction. When you have an in-depth understanding of customer expectations, you can improve the existing and upcoming offerings. Ensure that customers’ wishes and opinions are considered when implementing improvements.

Conduct market research to know what consumers demand and new features that can improve the value of the product and services.

Devise a Plan 

After running customer studies, you will have a clear idea as to what needs to be done to bridge the gap. Moreover, a business owner would be aware of what obstacles to overcome with the results of service gap analysis.