Microblading: Aftercare For Your Eyebrows 

Microblading aftercare is important for getting naturally beautiful eyebrows for a long time to come. The success of this cosmetic procedure relies on whether or not you follow the post-care instructions religiously. 

Aftercare for eyebrow microblading Philippines is similar to tattoo care as it is a form of cosmetic tattoo. Following post-care instructions will protect your microblading investment and prevent developing patchy areas.

Microblading: Aftercare For Your Eyebrows 

First things first, do not use any lotion, soap, or any cosmetic product on the eyebrows for the first few days after the treatment. Moreover, avoid washing the eyebrow area for a couple of days or more.

Following surgery, a person will experience redness, sensitivity, itching, and flaking. Do not touch or scratch the area excessively if you want the area to heal quickly. As the symptoms start to disappear, apply the ointment, however, do not apply it too often, instead, allow the skin to recover itself.

Make an appointment with the physician if symptoms start to get worse such as redness, fever, red streaks, and swelling.

After-Care Instructions After Microblading 

The procedure site takes four to six weeks to fully heal. The appearance of eyebrows keeps changing during the recovery phase. Eyebrows look uneven and unnatural immediately after the cosmetic treatment. After 30 days, the final color and texture of the microbladed eyebrows will become apparent.

A person has to follow post-care instructions for 7-14 days. Follow the given instructions during the healing cycle 

Microblading AfterCare – 1-7 Days 

  • An individual has to be extra careful at the start of the microblading recovery process. Use baby wipes twice or thrice to clean the brows during the first 48 hours. It should be done to prevent fluid buildup and scabbing.
  • Following the 2nd day, wash the procedure site gently each morning and night with water and mild antibacterial soap. Clean the eyebrows for about 10-15 seconds, rinse with water, and use a clean tissue to dry.
  • Make sure to not use harsh cleansers containing glycolic, lactic, and AHA.
  • Use shower caps or other accessories to prevent eyebrows from getting wet when showering. Avoid steam showers, also, pat dry the treated area if it accidentally gets wet.
  • Apply a nominal amount of post-care ointment on the procedure site. Applying more than a rice grain amount of ointment will delay the recovery.

Microblading AfterCare – 8-14 Days 

  • For the first 10 days, avoid using any creams or cosmetic products except for the ointment. The same goes for makeup products, they can harm the eyebrows.
  • After 10 days, you can work out and do heavy exercises that involve sweating. It is best to avoid the sauna for 10 days following microblading services.
  • During this phase, it is not required to apply healing cream regularly and the person can wash their face normally after the 10th day.

Lastly, be patient as the tattooed area will take a few days to heal. Importantly, do not pick scabs or peel the treated areas as it will damage the eyebrows.