A few words about French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds, and for good reason. So let’s figure out how to care for these pets. The first step is to choose a good breeder. For example https://frenchie-joy.com

Bulldogs are companion dogs, but by no means “sofa cushions”. You need to walk a lot with Frenchies, but you can’t overfeed. The bulldog should have developed muscles, without a hint of obesity. However, you should not get involved in activity either, because bulldogs have a weak heart and problems with the respiratory system due to the structure of the skull.

Such dogs are called brachycephalic, this category also includes pugs, chins and other dogs with “flattened” noses and slightly bulging eyes. The muzzles of brachycephals look cute, but they cause a lot of inconvenience to the dogs themselves.


Caring for a French Bulldog puppy is easy, thanks to the cleanliness of the pet and its smooth coat. After a walk, the dog simply wipes its paws and stomach with a dry cloth. It is necessary to monitor the condition of his eyes and ears. The care and upbringing of the French Bulldog should start from a very young age, as soon as the puppy enters a new home.


Based on the foregoing, here are the main rules for feeding the French Bulldog:

  • Pet food should be cut into small pieces. If it is ready-made food, the granules should be small.
  • Overfeeding is evil! A fat bulldog only looks cute, in fact, obesity leads to problems with the heart, joints, and breathing. The dog will have to be put on a diet, because bulldogs cannot lose weight with the help of physical activity.
  • The French are prone to allergies, so potential allergens are best avoided or included in the diet with extra care.