What goes into finding a manufacturing unit in another country and sourcing products from there?

If you are a US-based company, you will know the benefits of finding a manufacturing factory in China and establishing your supply chain there. The perks are so high that some businesses feel they can take care of the entire process in a foreign place, while the reality can be different. You can surely sort out many things, but investing your time, energy, and money can prove costly and, sometimes, waste. The best way to avoid all the hassle is to find a trustworthy agency that can handle the entire e-commerce cycle – sourcing, quality control, inventory management, warehousing, fulfillment, and more.

Who can help? Look for someone like Lansil Global. If you have any doubts about taking this popular approach, here is a small glimpse of what one has to go through to manufacture their product in China or even somewhere else without local intel. 

  • Product manufacturing process

If you need to learn Chinese, be ready to face communication challenges. You must fix a supplier and negotiate with them with clear instructions about your expectations. Their rates can vary – someone may ask for USD$ 3 for the same work, while others can quote their price as USD$ 6. The reason for the price difference can be the supplier in your contact may not have a factory, or they don’t specialize in your type of requirement. There can be quality issues as well. 

Nevertheless, if you finally find a reliable supplier, you will want to verify their business license, discuss payment methods, examine factory conditions, check product samples you ordered, sign agreements, etc. All these things sound straightforward, but each is intensive and time-consuming. You have to be careful about not making any decisions in a rush. Otherwise, you will only book losses from the new partnership.

  • Finding a sourcing agency

You can eliminate all the pressure and significant risks by connecting with a trustworthy local sourcing agency. As hinted earlier, it will do everything on your behalf to ensure everyone benefits from their business relationship. You can find companies that have established a strong base in the USA and China to aid supply chain systems. You can visit their website and learn about what services they offer. 

Focus on their license, communication expertise, sourcing skills, and transparency. You can ask them specific questions also – for example, will they do quality control of the products purchased from a supplier, or will they outsource it? You can ask them about their experience working with a company from the same industry. Plus, you can confidently ask how they tackle delayed production or supply issues. 

For an e-commerce business, it’s essential to deliver items to their customers on time. The product quality and packaging should also be good. Any lacking in these areas can invite their fury or dissatisfaction, which reflects in their ratings and reviews.

If you want to leave your competitors behind in this race and keep your patrons satisfied, you must sort out your production and supply issues early while ensuring room for scale. Shaking hands with a well-known local sourcing agency can be brilliant.