The former Fittipaldi Automotive F1 team

Emerson Fittipaldi is one of the best Formula1 drivers ever. At the Pakistani online gambling site 1xBet offers wagers on all Formula1 events regularly held. For this reason, it was not really surprising when the Brazilian created a F1 squad of his own called Fittipaldi Automotive.

Besides Emerson Fittipaldi himself, there were other notable drivers who participated in this squad, including:

  • Wilson Fittipaldi;
  • Keke Rosberg;
  • and Chico Serra.

This team was also the first F1 squad ever to be based in Brazil. The 1xBet Pakistan online gambling site allows you to wager on all Formula1 squads and their drivers. This entity was headquartered in the city of São Paulo between 1975 and 1977. Later it moved to Berkshire in the United Kingdom between 1977 until its dissolution in 1982. 

Racing history of the squad

While Fittipaldi was unable to replicate with his squad the incredible success he had in previous F1 seasons, there were still some interesting participation. Visit now the website to wager on any Grand Prix from tablets and smartphones.

1975 was the first year when the Fittipaldi team competed. It can be stated that this was the worst season for the squad, as they were only able to complete less than half of the total races that were held. Whenever a Formula1 Grand Prix is celebrated, don’t forget to visit 1xBet and wager on all offered outcomes.

Things showed a slight improvement in 1976, as the team was able to obtain three points by the end of the season. Yet, slightly better things were still to come.

A short-lived improvement

1978 was probably the best season ever had by Fittipaldi Automotive. The performances of all participating drivers improved substantially, which allowed the squad to end that season with 17 points. You can try live sports betting on, and also wager on how an F1 team will perform during an entire season.

What is even more curious was that Fittipaldi Automotive ended the championship as the seventh best placed team in the Championship. They were even able to overtake McLaren, which had been the previous team of Emerson Fittipaldi.

The beginning of the end for the team began in 1980 once Emerson Fittipaldi decided to retire from the sport. At 1xBet you can try live sports betting on the best Formula1 drivers that participate in every single Grand Prix from this discipline.