Tune IN to ‘Tune It Out’ by Marsden

Tune It Out’ is the second album release for singer/songwriter & guitarist Marsden who is based in Madison, Wisconsin. Marsden combines alternative/grunge rock with a modern, Indie twist that works out wonderfully. With musical influences that range from: Jerry Cantrell and John Frusciante to Ian Thornley, David Gilmore and even Chris Cornell, Marsden covers a wide range on ‘Tune It Out’. This new record actually took over 2 years to complete, so I can’t wait to tune into ‘Tune It Out’ right now!

The album kicks off with a catchy rhythm and cool tempo with “End On End”. The golden melody draws the listener in immediately on “End on End” where there is a mass appeal factor present. Next is the title track, “Tune It Out”, where Marsden can be heard rockin’ on and jammin’ out! I am fully tuned in to this song where “Tune It Out” exhibits solid instrumentation. Marsden is alive & well on the following number, “In This Zoo”, where a somber tone and intriguing melody hits you like a ton of bricks. I’m listening intently to “In This Zoo” because it displays an interesting blast of sound. Track four, “Doubt”, offers up hard rockin’ riffs hitting your eardrums with Marsden delivering one dynamic performance. Marsden is lighting up the airwaves next with “Running in the Dark” where he is all geared up and driving this song home with authority. Marsden is playing & singing like a true champ on the next installment and it’s audibly “Obvious”. Marsden is in full control and in the zone on “Obvious” and there is no “Doubt” about that! It’s time to reach deep into your “Pocket” and pull out a nice, shiny musical piece. “Pocket” pulls you in and peaks your curiosity right from the start, so it’s time to empty out your “Pocket” and discover a wealth of rich notes. Track eight, “Hello”, is a glowing instrumental that showcases heavy richness within its chords. Don’t say goodbye to this gem, but rather say “Hello”! Time to embrace the “American Dream” next where Marsden is aiming high and reigning supreme. The audience receives an epic finale on “Fruitless” where Marsden takes you on a wondrous journey through lush soundscapes.

I was highly impressed with Marsden’s efforts on ‘Tune It Out’ as all that hard work certainly paid off! You can SKOPE out the official music video for “End on End” right here: https://youtu.be/vqT7_8rW0SI. Don’t miss your chance to experience Marsden’s electric performance on ‘Tune It Out’…You won’t regret it!






By Jimmy Rae