@skopemag news – saturday – december 10, 2022 @ 10 am est

@skopemag news – saturday – december 10, 2022 @ 10 am est

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Trip Hop’s Tim Love Lee New Single “HOBO HULA” & New Album

“You want me to spank myself? No, I want you to spank ME.” – These were the words that captured the twisted imaginations of a certain type of DJ back in 1994 when Tim Love Lee released the debut single on his fledgling record label, Peace Feast. For the next ten years Lee released a steady stream of sample based urban exotica. Doped up, blissed-out or living on the margins of the acceptable, it all found a loving home in his aural universe.

9X GRAMMY Award-Winning Singer and Guitarist José Feliciano Spreads Holiday Cheer With New Music Video For “Viva La Navidad”

“Viva La Navidad” is a momentous song for Feliciano, as it is the first new Christmas song written and performed by Feliciano in over 50 years, making it the first since the release of his beloved, bilingual holiday classic “Feliz Navidad.” The up-tempo, exciting, and rockin’ new track is the cornerstone of Love & Christmas and is sure to spread holiday cheer.

Claudia Is On The Sofa | Not My Song

Italian songwriter Claudia Is On The Sofa is releasing today “Not My Song”, her second single this year. As the previous one, it was produced by Alessandro Asso Stefana and its music video was directed by Cristian Filippini.

Dukes Of Roots and Natiruts Encourage You To “Try Happy”

Dukes Of Roots is proud to announce the newest single “Try Happy” with Natiruts. The new song, produced by Sean “YoungPow” Diedrick and executive produced by Rod Walkey, was the first written and recorded for the upcoming Dukes Of Roots project. It was later revisited by LionChld to include the Brazilian reggae roots band and Latin GRAMMY nominated, Natiruts. “Try Happy” is an uplifting tune about getting happy! It is the type of song that can lift low spirits, encouraging one to look on the bright side and lean into the happiness and blessings around you. The single is due out December 2 on all streaming platforms via Migration Records x YoungPow Productions!


Erika Grapes has released ‘Out Of Depth’, a minimal song, just 1 minute and 59 seconds long, written by the English composer and musician Felix Subway produced by Italian producer Andrea Del Miglio (Anaté, The Confederation).

The initial idea was that of recording a duet with Felix Subway, but for logistical reasons the feat was postponed and the single, originally entitled “If the worst song” If the Worst Song was taken up by Grapes as unreleased, with the electronic arrangements of Del Miglio.


Sometimes, out of the greatest pain comes the greatest gifts and deepest healing. After years of requests to put out “Da Ruba Girl,” a fan favorite song that aired on Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio on SiriusXM, the songwriter/superstar from East Tennessee decided to honor the passing of the rescued Ruby by making the song available to fans on iTunes and various streaming platforms.

Locos Por Juana Announces New Single “Tu Sonrisa”

Locos Por Juana is proud to announce their new single “Tu Sonrisa” due December 15th. The new song is an upbeat, feel good reggae love song with a simple request for a smile. Like the old adage, “Your smile makes me smile,” the new song celebrates the love of and longing for a simple gift. “Tu Sonrisa” is the third single to drop ahead of their new album due out early 2023 with Rock the Moon.

Bio Ritmo Celebrates 30 Years With Release of ‘Salsa System’ on Vinyl

In an era of short attention spans, its rare to see an artist have longevity with social media stars rising as fast as they fall. Enter Bio Ritmo, who have been blazing a trail playing some of the hardest hitting and far reaching modern salsa for 30+ years now. Richmond VA’s Bio Ritmo have grown into one of the most exciting and unpredictable Latin dance bands in the world. They are the true salsa rebels who have defied being pigeonholed. They keep bodies on the dance floor with a nitty gritty, vintage groove while keeping heads turning with experimental synth tones and electronic textures. They have a fierce, almost punk rock DIY ethos that pervades their attitude and style, releasing their records independently or on tastemaker labels like Merge, Fat Beats and Electric Cowbell.

Submission – “Christmas In A Blue-Collar Town” – Joe Normal

2022 Humanitarian Award Recipient SUSAN AGLUKARK Releases “Tikitaummata” Single From ‘The Crossing’ Album

“White Tee” Video Out Tonight: Viral artist releases French new wave inspired cinematic masterpiece

Rozie worked with talented female creatives Diane Lac, Sophia Liv Maguire, and Vanesa Moreno for the music video and cover art. Inspired by French new-wave films and directors Jean-Luc Godard and Frank Lebon, the video features Rozie’s melancholic delivery of a farewell love letter. Sourcing letters from a secondhand craft store in Pasadena, directors Lac and Maguire found inspiration in handwriting, abstract ink artistry, and the cyanotype process. Moreno’s cinematography features a combination of film and digital shots, using both Super 8 and a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k to evoke the timeless vulnerability of leaving a lover. The team is very thankful for the help of their friends who dedicated a lot of effort to make the video a reality.

Cecilia Castleman Shares “You Go Thru Girls Like You Go Thru Cigarettes”

As the title suggests, the song centers around the theoretical but relatable archetype of a man that rotates his dates as quickly as he pulls out another cigarette. She explains,

“‘You Go Thru Girls Like You Go Thru Cigarettes’ is a metaphor about relationships. A pack-a-day kind of a guy…smokes a lot — one cigarette for as many girls as he has dated, but relationships are not something you can just snub out in an ashtray.

The song is also home to one of my favorite lines I’ve ever written – ‘There’s no cure for being young.’ No matter how much you try to do the right thing, it’s inevitable that you’re going to mess up, especially when you’re young and a pack-a-day kind of guy comes around.”

Cats Season Releases New Single “Black Ocean”

Cats Season, a Nu-Deathcore band originally hailing from Tehran, Iran released their latest song ‘Black Ocean’. The song perfectly reflects the youth-led revolution in Iran right now since it’s a perfect representation of the Iranian youth’s mindset. ‘Black Ocean’ was born in Tehran’s underground music scene and was created by the newest generation of Iranian metal musicians, it is the raw product of identity and freedom, chaos and resentment.