Shawn Cook Releases Official Music Video “STAY”

Shawn Cook’s Upcoming EP, “Claudette” Is the Guidebook To Love and Being Loved

Highly respected and admired globally, Shawn Cook continues his unprecedented run with new single, “Stay.”

Born in Vallejo, California, Duranta Deshawn Cook came up in the hardships of the Country Club Crest. The neighborhood violence hit home when his mother was shot and nearly lost her life. Having witnessed the traumatic experience at just 7 years old, they relocated to Chicago, then back and forth to the Bay until he was around 13.

Music shed a positive light throughout every hardship that shaped his life. His musical taste was nurtured through songs his mother often sang to him as a child, but as he grew, hip hop held a special interest in his mind. Cook found himself cultured in various genres through artists like Sting, Marvin Gaye, LL Cool J, Michael Jackson, Wu-Tang Clan and Bay Area legends Mac Dre, Too Short and Dubee.

Inspired to impact the world through music, he went under the alias, “Vital” before evolving into the artist, “Shawn Cook.” He has collaborated with legends Snoop Dogg and B-Real of Cypress Hill on “Faded” and “All in a Day” featuring Berner, YG and Young Thug. He has since continued making history in the industry, adding to his name, co-writing credit on Reggae artist J-Boog’s Grammy nominated album, “Rose Petals” and Marc E. Bassy’s pop hit “Morning” which currently has over 156 million streams on Spotify alone.

Through his mentor, Dubee, Shawn Cook connected with WashHouse Music Group to continue dropping timeless projects inclusive of his independent debut project, “The Best Kept Secret,” his WashHouse debut, “Failure Is Not An Option,” his Mac Dre dedication, “The Silky Slim LP” and soon to arrive EP, “Claudette.” The project will follow the lead single, “Stay” taking inspiration from Shawn Cook’s previous relationship to create a compelling story revolving around love and chaos. Through a wide arsenal of vocals, flows, and lyricism, Shawn Cook’s “Claudette” is like a mental health guide to relationships for those struggling with defining love.

Stream Shawn Cook’s new single “Stay” as he works on the soon release of an official music video along with his EP, “Claudette.”