TMS Therapy Tips and Tricks – How to Get Best Results 

So, you have finally decided to take your mental health seriously and get the TMS therapy? Well, that’s a pretty good idea if you are suffering from OCD, depression, PTSD, or anxiety. However, keep in mind that TMS therapy would be helpful when you take care of a few things. To get the best results here are the tips and tricks that would be helpful

  • Get a good night’s sleep 
  • Eat well and stay hydrated 
  • Avoid drinking 
  • Do consume caffeine before the treatment 
  • Talk during the TMS therapy 
  • Stick to the schedule 
  • Do a light exercise

Get a good night’s sleep 

It is important to know and understand that during the TMS Chicago treatment our pulses have to run and brain to be awake. The brain would only be awake when you have a good 9 to 10 hours sleep. Therefore, it is crucial to get a good sleep. To achieve best results, it will be better to begin to sleep well at least a few days ahead of TMS therapy sessions. However, if this is not possible for any reason, you should sleep well the night before the TMS treatment.

Eat well and stay hydrated 

Eating healthy and drinking enough water can also help you achieve good results from the TMS therapy. Water and food are crucial for our brain to work at the peak. Eating well and staying hydrated is not only important to do before the treatment but rather has to be done after the TMS therapy as well. Therefore, to get good results from TMS therapy try eating healthy and drinking enough water. It will supply all the needed nutrients and keep your brain at optimal level. Moreover, try to avoid processed foods and junk at all costs and find healthier alternatives instead.

Avoid drinking 

Alcohol should also be avoided when you are about to get the TMS therapy. It is better to stop drinking 2 or 3 days before the TMS session. If you choose to do otherwise, you would feel dehydrated that can affect your brain’s ability to work as per the requirement.

Do consuming caffeine before the treatment

Experts suggest taking caffeine before the TMS treatment. It can be taken an hour or half an hour before the appointment to get good results. Consuming caffeine is important because it happens to enhance benefits of stimulatory pluses of the TMS treatment. 

Talk during the TMS therapy 

Talking during the TMS therapy can be very helpful in keeping the brain alert. Therefore, get engaged in a meaningful discussion to keep yourself distracted and the brain alert.

Stick to the schedule 

The TMS therapy is usually days long. You would be required to show up 5 days a week for the treatment. To get good results, do not miss any appointment because the human brain learns through consistent repetition. Moreover, try showing up on time as well.

Do a light exercise 

Exercise indirectly helps in the success of the TMS therapy. It makes you ready for the treatment by relieving stress and assisting you with sleep. Go for a jog or some other physical activity prior to the treatment to achieve good results.