The Star Prairie Project Release ‘Fight Or Flight’

A wild raging fury takes hold on The Star Prairie Project’s incredible “Fight Or Flight”. The slew of genres filtered into their unique vision is a pure delight. Elements of progressive rock, classic rock, and glam enter into the equation. Interplay amongst the band has a blissed-out temperament to it, from the gorgeous guitar work to the ground shaking rhythm section. Vocals rise above the rest of the din. By far the highlight, the heart and soul of it all, the lyrics have a wide-eyed sense of wonder. Much of the time they take on a theatrical tact for their sound is truly gigantic.

“Reality Check Time” hold nothing back beginning things with bombastic energy. Pure adrenaline pulses through the entirety of “Sweet Revenge”. Lyrics matter for “My Freedom” rings out with a sense of urgency to it, as the whole band comes out swinging. Some nice angular synthesizer introduces “It All Starts With You” where they embraces pure righteous indignation. A heaviness takes hold on the powerful “Welcome To Their World”. Speeding on through in a delirious blur is “To The King”. Riffs tie together on the bluesy “Time To Run” where there is a giganticness to the proceedings. “The Rain is Falling” brings the entire thing home for they allow a reflective stance to end things on a meditative note.

The Star Prairie Project create an unflinching vision of a passionate world on the cathartic rush that is “Fight Or Flight”.