5 Necessary Crew Members to Assist a Performing Artist

During a concert, it is of course the performing artist who tends to get all the glory. But as any good artist will tell you, much of their success can be attributed to the numerous crew members behind the scenes. While a typical crew will consist of many people, there are some jobs that are absolutely essential to ensuring a performance goes off without a hitch. As to who assists performers, here are five crew members who always get the job done.

Camera Operator

When a concert is being televised or filmed as part of a movie, the camera operator is perhaps the most important crew member on the scene. Responsible for moving and controlling the camera, the camera operator always makes sure the concert you’re watching is seen from the best angles, which of course helps the performing artist look their best. Nowadays, live streaming is popular and an extra way for performers to accumulate income. Additionally, content for websites and social media is created from good concert footage.

Production Designer

For a production’s set to look great and the outfits worn by the performing artist to be visually stunning, you need to give thanks to the production designer. Responsible for creating the overall look of a TV show, movie, or concert, the production designer works hard to incorporate the artist’s ideas into the look audience members see on stage or on screen. If you want an unforgettable show, make sure to hire an experienced production designer.

Lighting Engineer

A lighting engineer is responsible for all the lighting associated with a show. In coordination with the production designer, the lighting engineer takes all production ideas and makes them come to life. Amazing concerts thrive on good lighting. This is one person who is indispensable to a good show.

Sound Board Operator

If it were not for the sound board operator, chances are you would not be able to hear much of anything at a concert or play. In charge of all audio for a production, you can expect the sound board operator to do sound checks prior to a show, make sure all equipment is functioning properly, and quickly fix any problems that may arise during the course of a show.


Finally, grips are the crew members who build all types of dollies, cranes, tracks, and other essentials needed to film a performance. When you watch a concert on TV and notice cameras going from one spot to the next, they are doing so thanks to the dollies and tracks built by the grip. This tends to create incredible footage.

The next time you view an online concert, pay close attention to the credits that run at the end. When you do, you’ll notice just how many people it takes to make a show truly fantastic.