Kiani New Video “I’ll Fly Away”

Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Kiani possesses the creative and intellectual brain power to thrive as both a musician and resident neurosurgeon. In addition to his years of doctoral education and training, he has 14 years of classical music experience on the Persian tar and setar. But before that, Kiani’s musical passion spawned at eight years old. It turned out to be a key factor that eventually led him to move from his small hometown in the south of Iran to a bigger city brimming with culture and opportunities to study medicine and produce music. With his debut single, “I’ll Fly Away,” he validates this move and showcases his talents, proving that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or how much money or resources you have available to you at the start – it’s about having the personal drive to work hard and put in the effort to achieve your desired success at the end, and Kiani exemplifies this flawlessly.

There is something unifying about people’s love of sports, and every year, diverse groups of fans from around the world gather to enjoy the FIFA World Cup. This was half of the inspiration for Kiani’s “I’ll Fly Away.” The dance-pop song epitomizes the joy and positive energy felt watching a game of soccer while spreading those same emotions across all the nations of people sharing respect for the game and each other. The lyrics are delivered in multiple languages, further enhancing the universal relevance and receipt of Kiani’s message. The ultimate takeaway is that we should not let our acceptance of differences remain only in the stadium or on the field.

The other half of Kiani’s inspiration is captured in the visual, effortlessly plugging and building anticipation for the big 2022 game in Qatar. Kiani’s friends help bring a wide range of cultural representation to the fore, accompanying the mixed clips of soccer and the excited crowds. However, more deeply at the end, Kiani reminds audiences of the devastating controversy around 22-year-old Mahsa Amini’s arrest and death for improperly wearing her hijab. In the final frames, he points out that all women deserve to be free and happy just as much as anyone – and this truly applies to anyone of any gender, race, class, age, or other defining characteristics that make us different. Bigger pictures like the one Kiani has offered with “I’ll Fly Away” can open eyes, ears, and hearts. At the same time, it allows Kiani to already cross the boundary from a skilled musician to a full-fledged artist with this multifaceted release.

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