4 Cleaning Tips and Tricks from a Professional

“How do you clean like a professional?” is the most commonly asked question. It is because no matter how thoroughly you clean or how regular you become with the cleaning, the house does not look as clean as it looks after a professional cleaning.

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Have you ever wondered why? Well, the magic is just not performed by the specialized cleaning equipment. Professional cleaning services in Windsor are taught and trained to perform the job well as well. You do not necessarily have to get the specialized equipment or training to clean the house like the professionals. However, what you have to do instead is take a few tips from the cleaning experts and follow them to get good results;

  • Clean more frequently
  • Start with the dirtiest part of the house first
  • Switch off all the distractions 
  • Learn to use the Vacuum cleaner properly

Clean more frequently

If you want to achieve as astonishing results as possible, keep in mind you have to be more frequent with cleaning. The more frequently you clean the house, the less dirty it gets and the easier it will be to clean the house. It’s important to know that the frequent cleaning habit would not just make your house cleaner but eliminate germs, dirt, and dust, and improve the quality of the air as well. Now the question at hand is, how frequently do you have to clean the house? As per the cleaning experts, regular cleaning once or twice a week if possible and deep cleaning every two or three months. So, develop a cleaning schedule and stick to it. To enhance the effectiveness of your regular cleaning routine, consider incorporating specialized tools like floor scrubbing machines.

Start with the dirtiest part of the house first

Cleaning is tiring. When you begin cleaning the house you have the energy to perform the task efficiently. Therefore, examine the house once and try picking up the dirtiest part first. If you choose to start with the easiest tasks, you would not have the energy to do the dirtiest part of the house later. Once you are done cleaning the most used dirtiest part of the house, shift your focus to wet areas. They also require a lot of time and energy as well.

Switch off all the distractions

Have you wondered why cleaning is tiring and time-consuming? It is because you keep distracting yourself. Therefore, whenever you have to clean the house, switch off all distractions. TV, phone, and your pets are believed to be the biggest distractions in the house. Switch off the TV, and your phone and engage your pets in some sort of activity to give your undivided attention to cleaning.

Learn to use the Vacuum cleaner properly

A lot of house owners attempting to clean the house to perfection do not know how to vacuum properly. Therefore, they never achieve good results. If you want your vacuum to catch as much dirt as possible, try pulling the vacuum slowly. You will be able to remove more dirt and notice a big difference as well. More importantly, use wand attachment to pick up the dust bunnies and normal vacuum head for going over the dirt on the floor.