Who Should I Follow on Instagram to Get More Followers?

The main currency on Instagram is the number of followers you have. The more followers, the more trusted your brand becomes. However, amassing a huge following isn’t a walk in the park, as even those with the largest following took a while to get there. But with the right Instagram service, you too can amass more followers without the struggle that comes with it.

One strategy you can use is following other accounts on Instagram. But who should you follow to get more followers? Let’s find out!

Who Should You Follow?

There isn’t a single sure-fire answer to this question, as it isn’t a guarantee that whoever you follow will follow back. But as a brand or online business, your primary goal is visibility. So, who should you follow?

Follow People or Brands Who Interest You

If you take nothing else from this article, carry this; always follow people, brands, or online businesses that interest you. While there is no guarantee that they will follow you back, it does help you build your visibility. After all, you need also to enjoy the images you see when scrolling through your Instagram account. So, follow celebrities, companies, artists, and hobbyists you love. Also, ensure you follow family, friends, and people you’ve met, as there is a high likelihood that they will follow you back.

Follow Your Customers

Online businesses can follow their customers if they looking to grow their following. However, ensure that it’s not all your customers. Only follow dedicated and raving customers. Following them allows you to engage with them and show them you care. But ensure that you are still conservative on the number of customers you follow.

One major advantage of following your customers is that there is a high probability they’ll follow you back, as well. Also, if your customers post content aligned with your brand, that’s a huge benefit for your business.

Follow Good Examples

You have a mission and values you gravitate towards as a brand or online business. This is why you must follow brands and companies that align with your vision and values when choosing who to follow.

Look at what those brands do. Watch how they engage, and see what’s working for them. You can also implement those strategies to grow your brand and business, especially if you are starting out on Instagram. Knowing what strategies work and what don’t can also improve your account’s engagement. And with the right engagement, you can grow your following as well.

Follow Your Associates and Partners

If your brand or online business has other business partners or is affiliated with another company, make sure you follow them. Following them helps to show support and solidarity. It also allows you to see what your associates and partners are doing.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Another way to gain followers based on who you follow is by joining Instagram engagement groups. While having a huge Instagram following is great, it’s even better if you have followers who love your business niche. One way to amass followers with interest in your niche is through engagement groups.

This tactic is great for an online business that is starting and wants to grow its followers. There are engagement groups for all topics, from fashion and beauty to travel. You can get likes and followers from people or brands with similar shared interests from these engagement groups.

While these groups might not be the instant ticket you are looking for, they help you gain credibility. And with credibility, you can grow your business or personal account tremendously.

Who Shouldn’t You Follow?

Now that we’ve looked at who you should follow, it’s important to know who you shouldn’t follow. First, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t follow everyone that follows you. Not all Instagram accounts are authentic, and you can get in trouble when you allow fake accounts into your account.

Verify an Instagram account’s page before following them. Check whether they have a bio, real videos or photos, real conversations, and engagements. It’s also advisable to avoid following people for follower tactics. More often than not, people who promote these tactics might just be trying to inflate their followers.

While your goal may be to boost your following, it’s important to ensure that you are selective about who you follow. Don’t just follow anyone, as it isn’t a guarantee they will follow you back. Remember, Instagram is all about building relationships and increasing engagement. Therefore, try to do so with the people you follow and watch your numbers grow.