Moose With A Scarf Present New Single ‘Leshen’

Moose with a Scarf makes EDM with a hint of horror on “Leshen.” The heavy atmospherics work in its favor. Beats hit with pure physicality to them. Nods to the electro roots of Justice appear throughout. Volume is a must, for this is the sort of thing that bludgeons the listener into submission. Attention to detail further emphasizes the wild, careening realm. Grooves, go for this angular style. They manage to tell an entire story without even needing to say a single word. Full of such a degree of sheer confidence, they let that groove evolve, twist, and turn, crushing anything in its path.

From the very beginning, they set down the law. Beats add to sheer animalistic fervor. Melody gets infused into the rather deep pulsating bass. The production here adds to the overall effect of the sound. Atmospherics runs through the whole piece, for rather than offer a simple melody, it proves to be a tad more complicated than that. Instead the song expands ever outwards, sucking everything into its churning grasp. Layer upon layer gets painted into the overall tapestry. The cryptic aspect, its overall darkness, there is a giddiness about the way it all comes together. For the final stretch, they let the sound lose it in a freeing sense. In fact, there is a meditative, reflective stance by forgoing beats entirety in the end.

“Leshen” features the unwavering crazed manic energy that Moose with a Scarf possess in abundance.

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