P Bailey Presents New Single ‘Who can’t hear must feel’

P Bailey bursts with a tremendous amount of passion and pure chaos on “Who can’t hear must feel”. Tempos race through the entirety of the track. Subtle this is not; this is a pure fire and passion that burns all the way to its core. Nods to R&B, throbbing EDM, and more enter into the fray making the song a force of nature. Lyrics drat by in a flash. Word choice adds to the glitched-up effect of the sound ensuring that it all swirls about in a majestic sea.

No buildup needs to occur. Right from the beginning things start full swing. The beats on here feature a staccato quality. Virtually tripping over each other the song races forward ensuring that the balance is constantly almost lost. Somehow this sense of pure oddity adds to the delirious, dizzying effect. Evolution of the atmosphere occurs for the song is a mutated form of so much. Lots of elements bounce off the walls adding to the delirium the song naturally embodies. For the final stretch it does not let up or even show moments of slowing down. By keeping on this hyperenergetic stance there is a happiness to be found in getting lost in the wide array of different fractals of sound, ones that reveal a real ear for unusual melodies.

“Who can’t hear must feel” delves into a physical assault on the senses with the sheer madness reveling in P Bailey’s sense of wonder.