Eduardo Presents ‘Time Machine’ – Single

From its first moments, Eduardo’s latest single “Time Machine” more than lives up to its name. The throwback rock ’n’ roll riff from the guitar feels like something straight out of a Beatles or Beach Boys track, and the lightweight chorus interwoven with lyrics that pack a punch are like something that feels as if it could have only been possible fifty-plus years ago. It’s a rare single to get in today’s release cycle, and that makes it all the more special.

For an artist that has only been performing and recording in a major way since 2018, having reached mainstream success with his EP Rustry Strings, Eduardo is someone that seems to have an iron grasp on their scope and trajectory as a rockstar. Born in Peru but living in the United States, Eduardo has been busy over the last four years making a name for himself through the help of touring, college radio, and determination. “Time Machine” comes at the tail end of a massive tour that was collected as the basis for a live album, titled En Vivo, and using the single as a way to showcase his value both in and out of the studio speaks volumes for his artistic tenacity. The way that “Time Machine” can capture a nostalgic rock music production style that no mainstream acts have used to their advantage in years is a huge move on Eduardo’s part, and the difference between this track and other modern rock is what will allow the single to remain in people’s minds for a long time.

“Time Machine” is a single unlike anything else currently on the radio, placing it at a unique spot in the middle of musical trends; about a decade late to the “rock ’n’ roll revival” thing that bands like Panic! At The Disco helped kickstart with their throwback album Pretty. Odd. and about five years too early to the revival of the revival, Eduardo having a rock track so modest and matter-of-fact in his repertoire is a great chess piece for his musical career. It already soars above all competition, since there practically isn’t any, but even when stacked against what artists there are going up against him, Eduardo offers something far more genuine and deserving of streams.

The versatility attached to Eduardo’s brand of acoustic pop and rock is something listeners have already come to know and love, and newcomers will undoubtedly remain impressed by his consistency and overall presentation. “Time Machine” is a nostalgic new win from him, but whether it be in the form of a live album, his Rusty Strings EP, or any of the other singles he has to offer, Eduardo is an artist that is dead set on impressing his audience with every subsequent release. There’s a constant one-upmanship with every new single, and “Time Machine” marks a new high in a young career of consistent highs. Those lucky enough to be new to Eduardo are in for a treat not only with “Time Machine” but everything else in his portfolio, and those familiar will be happy to see that there’s only one direction Eduardo seems capable of moving.

Gwen Waggoner