Why Themesinfo WP Theme Detector is the Best? 5 Reasons to Prove


WordPress has been a popular tool in the modern era of website technology, which provides ease to every startup either if it is a small or large enterprise. As long as technology provides its effective results, the masses tend to incline towards that tool majorly. 

However, when it comes to creating a website from scratch, it takes some effort to think and implement a creative strategy regarding creativity or ease of navigation for the users. Lots of time it might take to plan such a strategy. 

But not anymore! Just like the great artist Pablo Picasso mentions that a great artist copies another artist. The statement doesn’t refer to plagiarism, but it can be taken in the context of taking ideas to produce creative work. If the great artist’s statement can be used in the context of the website’s creation, we have the best tool to recommend, which will be explained in the following sections. 

What is ThemesInfo WordPress Theme Detector Tool?

ThemesInfo WordPress theme detector is an online website scanning tool. It detects plugins and themes of a certain WordPress website by presenting the complete information of the features used in the website to the user. Themesinfo has been reported to have scanned over more than 14 million websites. 

5 Reasons Why ThemesInfo WP Theme Detector Is the Best?

ThemesInfo WP Theme Detector has been the latest choice of each website developer when assessing a certain website’s features. Those websites which are built on the WordPress framework work best with the certain detector tool because it can analyze the features of WordPress websites mostly. The following reasons state why ThemesInfo is the choice of every developer:

1.Easy To Use

ThemesInfo WP theme detector has a user-friendly interactive user interface, due to which it is convenient for any users with less knowledge about websites. Any user,using this tool can grasp information about their desired feature, from which they want to know about its feature. The feature comes with lots of other facilities that provide ease to the user. It integrates everything to use the features with one click.

2. Efficient

When it comes to the ThemesInfo tool, the performance rate of the tool is quite flexible due to its detection speed and the depth of information it provides to its users. It lays out each plugin and theme-related information used in a certain website to the user in quite sufficient time by creating the complete picture in the user’s mind about the website which they have searched. 

3. Precise Output

ThemesInfo WP theme detector displays the complete information about each plugin and the certain theme used by a certain user, which has been searched by the user. It provides the majority of the website features’ details used in the generation of the website. It can offer the following details: 

  • Name of the theme
  • The name of the author of the theme
  • Themes that are being used on several websites.
  • Theme’s link
  • Author’s page link
  • Theme’s short info
  • List of plugins.

4. Free to use

ThemesInfo has the best perks of providing its services for free. That means anyone can use the tool to scan websites for free for their purposes. 

5. Detecting Themes Quickly

Apart from analyzing and detecting plugins or short information about a website, ThemesInfo has been reported to have a fast detecting speed for themes.


In conclusion, ThemesInfo WP theme detector is the best choice for any website developer if they want to gain some ideas for their upcoming project. Taking an idea about something is a good choice, as it broadens your imagination. Just like the perks of diversity, the ThemesInfo tool presents you with the newest strategies and creative designs which are being used by other website developers.