Types of business directory websites to earn money

Digital means of promotion and marketing of a product are far more powerful than traditional advertisement. People who transform their businesses and take revolutionary steps for their businesses always get something extra. Publicity of your business and services can be done more professionally and efficiently by using business directories. Online free business directory USA can be a great tool for you to get recognition in public and get more clients. But if you want to own a business directory website and earn money which is a very good idea, then how can you do that? In this article, I will uncover the aspects of directory websites which need to be considered if you really want to earn money from them. Let’s get started.

What are online business directories websites?

These are the websites that primarily perform the task of listing local businesses on the website regarding their business category, location, name, services, and all necessary contact information. These websites play a pivotal role in the progression of a business.

Why listing websites are important?

Listing websites undoubtedly are a great source of getting publicity and look more visible on the internet because this helps you to be shown as a credible business under a certain category. Business directories website has millions of user reviews and monthly users and it’s a huge market that allows you to make connections and expand the services.  These websites allow you to filter the audience and public’s interests to reach the clients and make the connection more precisely. You just need to understand the working methods of these websites and upgrade the business accordingly. The keyword research also has core importance since the client searches for the service by using the keywords according to his need. You will have to pay heed to the research method and transform it on time.

Running a directory website is also a great opportunity to learn and earn more. You may own different types of websites under a specific niche. There are a lot of options and types of directory websites which you can choose according to your interest and convenience. The opportunities are countless. The only thing you need to do is dive into the industry for achieving something.  

Types of directory websites:

These are the popular types of directory websites that are beneficial if you want to start an online business directory website.

  • Events directory website
  • Real-estate directory
  • hotel/restaurant directory website
  • Jobs directory website
  • Travel directory website
  • Online Review directory site


  • Events directory website: These are the websites that are very useful for getting aware of upcoming events and exhibitions in different locations. These websites compile the event information and update it on the website. The main idea behind these websites is to keep the audience aware of all the useful information regarding the events, concerts or even meetups with their venues, menus, and confirmation dates since these are the events where the public gets together and exchanges theirthoughts. You can find people of your interests, so having these types of websites asper your interest can help you a lot.
  • Real-estate directory: Real estate is one of the fastestgrowing industries and with the help of digital solutions, this has become a great source for buying or selling properties. Nowadays people just go on property listing websites and search the property as they needed. Generally, these real-state directories have all types of directory-related properties to entertain the user. A credible real-estate website always provides you with the features of (proximity searches, a comparison bar for distinguished properties, featured websites, and social media sharing options).

Ways to earn from the real-estate directory:

  • By selling the ads
  • Selling the premium subscription of the directory for extra features
  • Sponsored content from diverse websites
  • Affiliate Program

Hotel/Directory website: This is the most common and widely used directory for finding the best and cheap restaurants and hotels in a location. People love to travel to different countries and locations. You can have a hotel directory website by managing the hotels and restaurant information under different categories on the websites to aware the people of the best hoteling places in the town. These websites also provide user reviews and recommendations of hotels and restaurants to must check in. You can make money by selling your premium subscription, google AdSense and affiliate programs. 

Job directory website: People are always in the search of jobs and these types of directories are very helpful for finding a required job. These types of websites allow people to post jobs for job seekers in a specific area for a particular post. These directories can be beneficial for both the website owner and users. A user can avail of its features and a website owner can make money from it. One of the best examples of these websites is (LinkedIn).

Ways to make money from a job directory website.

  • Fee for posting jobs
  • Charges for resume accessibility
  • Charges to feature candidates
  • Google AdSense
  • Hosting ads

Travel directory website: Do you love to travel to different locations? Well, most people do. That’s why these websites are proven helpful when people travel to different locations and in order to reduce the inconvenience, they use them. You can also read blogs, tourist attractions, and food points on these directories. Businesses like insurance companies, shopping and food should not miss the chance to get listed. 

Ways to make money from a travel directory website:

  • Selling premium features
  • Accepting sponsored posts
  • Google AdSense
  • Commission percentage on bookings

Review directory website: Are you one of those, who always check feedback before buying anything? People prefer to read feedback whenever they buy anything online or from the offline market. The main idea behind these websites is to provide users with great assurance about products and make them satisfied with their decision. These are alsoone of the most widely used websites.

You can also make money by offering paid features of your websites,accepting, sponsored ads and affiliate programs. These directories are beneficial to earn handsome income in the long run.