Dude Reppin’ Knowhere Presents “SUPERDUDE”

It’s not uncommon for musicians to stick with a certain genre and sound across songs and productions, keeping consistent for audiences with a staple sound and aesthetic. However, creatives prefer to defy trends and make music across bounds. This shows versatility and provides a different listening experience that welcomes a wider array of listeners into their regular following. The latter best aligns with Dude Reppin Knowhere. Each of his singles to date has revealed a different facet of himself. His debut, “Airplane Mode,” spoke to his vagabond traveling. “Sneaky Style” explored his fashion sense. His latest single, “Super Dude,” is all about his prioritization of things associated with good health and wellness.

There is certainly more to health than not being sick, and Dude Reppin Knowhere makes it a point to incorporate healthy choices into his daily life. Not only does his diet contain organic vegan food, but he also practices yoga, meditation, spirituality, vitality, and so on. These habits are touched on throughout “Super Dude,” but not in an egotistical, overbearing way. His goal is simply to give listeners some food for thought in an artistic, thoughtful manner. The message is that being healthy is cool, and while he is calling himself a “Super Dude,” he is not the only super person out there. Everyone is super in their own way. He said, “Everybody has the ability to be their best self,” which is the main takeaway from this powerful, danceable hip-hop track.

The “Super Dude” music video has a “day in the life” vibe to it, in line with a trend that is garnering attention on social media. Dude Reppin Knowhere takes viewers along as he walks his dog, shops at the supermarket, preps meals, plays piano, etc. It’s simple in concept, but the shots within the visual offer a great variety to balance everything out, precisely displaying his authentic “Super Dude” self as he is “spitting straight fire” in this creative, catchy single.

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